1 Life After Death

In an average house in Houston, Texas, A boy was hiding in the closet. Currently there were 5 masked men looting his house and this is the only thing he could do if he didn't want to get hurt. He could see that all of the men were clearly serious and okay with killing as they had already brutally killed his father while r*ping his mother right in front of him.

"Fuck why did this have to happen to me" The boy inwardly cursed. Luckily he had enough time to hide in his closet before the men came to his room else he might be in the same situation as his father, and he didn't want that. Looking around he didn't see anything that could help him escape, after all how could a 16 year old kid who was skinny as can be and barely weighs over 110 pounds defeat 5 armed intruders. The answer is he can't.

Suddenly the door he was leaning on flew open as one of the men opened it. "Fuck there's a kid in here!"

Instantly he was full of holes, bleeding out on the ground.

'This is how I die huh. No flames of glory or taking down my enemies with me, just like that. Oh well that's fine, it's not like I really enjoyed life anyways. Maybe in my next life I'll be a super hero or a king, maybe an emperor.' The boy chuckled and then he left out his last breath...

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In a large mansion, filled with riches and servants, everyone was anxious. Currently their mistress was having her child.

"Esmer don't worry you'll be fine," Logan said to her in an endearing tone, "our baby boy will be great someday and make us all proud."

Logan was one of the two dukes of the Skyfall Kingdom. It was a medium sized country with plenty of wealth and people. It was the same as anywhere else though. Arrogant children of nobles, poor commoners, poverty, wealth. Anything could be seen here, as it was the crossroad between four major countries. While some may think this is a huge disadvantage and the country would be invaded in no-time it has a treaty with all surrounding nations. The Skyfall Kingdom will not engage in wars between the four great nations and the four great nations won't invade Skyfall kingdom. This treaty is the only reason the Skyfall kingdom is able to survive.

"Look at our baby boy" Esmer happily looked at her new child, who surprisingly wasn't crying or screaming at all. He simply looked around with a curious look in his emerald eyes. "Our little Eren is definitely cute, he's got your eyes Esmer, and my killer looks, MWAHAHAHAHA" Logan laughed at his own joke while Esmer just rolled her eyes. Clearly she's already used to Logan's personality.

All while this was happening the new born baby was looking at them curiously. That's right the new born baby, is the boy who had died from the robbers, reincarnated. Listening to their conversation, (Which surprisingly was in English) he found out that his name was now Eren. Apart from that he just saw his new parents shamelessly flirting in front of him.

After being held in his parents arms for a while he was taken to a crib where many people were staring at him. He heard many whispers like-

"Is this the new young master? He's adorable"

"I hope he doesn't grow up to be a tyrant"

"Oh Goddess I hope he marries me"

The girl who said that seemed a little strange to me because i was a baby less than an hour old but from what I gathered it makes sense because I seem to be a nobles child.

From what I can see my parents are pretty powerful, judging by the amount of people crowded around me, and fairly well liked as there didn't seem to be any hostile gazes towards me, or that could be because I'm a baby.

Quickly I began to feel tired. Even though I'd only been awake for a little over an hour and a half, even without crying it seems my new body isn't yet ready to stay awake for a full amount of time.

Soon a full week passed, while I was visited and held by my new parents multiple times while also having multiple servants attending to me. It was a crazy and new experience for me, though I was not against it. Eventually a full month passed by and I finally grasped that I was the first son of the duke, my father. It was crazy to think that I seemed to be in a new world, especially with nobles and such. I wanted to try and talk but I can't do that yet it seems. My body can't make coherent sounds yet and I'm still only a month old. It would seem weird if a child was able to grasp a full language in a single month, especially when they're less than a year old.

Soon I got used to my new routine. I was spending about 6 hours a day with my mother and the rest I was either sleeping in my crib, drinking mild and eating baby food, or interacting with the servants. It was also funny to see all of the adults making faces towards me trying to make me laugh. To appease them I went ahead and played along as to make them happy. After all I want to live my new life in the best way possible, full of joy and happiness with everyone around me, and that includes the servants and commoners. I've read enough novels in my past life to know how annoying arrogant young masters can be so while I plan to enjoy myself and indulge in this new life I'm not going to be a dick.

I decided that to live my new life to the fullest I'm going to live a life full of happiness, pleasure, and debauchery. But that means I also have to be strong. I don't know if there is magic or anything similar in this world yet but if there is I don't plan to be weak like I was in my previous life, having to watch my parents being killed in front of me like my last life. No this life I plan to enjoy. I know how to scheme, tactics, everything a noble needs to know as in my last life I played many online games where one would have to do such things. While it may not be the same as the real world I think it'll be a good foundation for me to build off of.

I don't know what the future is going to be like for me but all I know is that I want to live it with as little regrets as possible..