The Life Of A Time Mage
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The Life Of A Time Mage


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What is The Life Of A Time Mage

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You've heard tales of us Time Mages. About us manipulating time. It is true, but only to a minor extent. Like Element Mages who control their specific Elements, Time Mages control Time. Those fables about Time travelling is neither wrong nor accurate. We can Time travel, but we can't change the space. That's why it is called Time Frame Hopping.

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Superb pacing in action fantasy themed romp. Waiting for more.Waiting for more.Waiting for more.Waiting for more.Waiting for more. Waiting for more.


Very interesting plot. I liked the characters and descriptive elements that were mention also I appreciated the tone of the story. ( Not sure if you understand but if you do thumbs up) . Keep it up.


Definitely not the usual sort of fantasy or science fiction that you would come across - be it here at Webnovel or elsewhere. It's different, but interesting. The story is progressing well though I must admit, I was extremely confused in the first few chapters. It gets better as I read on, but there were still lots of confusion for me with regards to the plot and the connection between everything. However, that's just me and it's not a reflection of the story itself. All the best, Author!


What a story! The first chapter was a little rocky, I had some doubts but my curiosity got the better if me then 10 chapters later, here I am! Perfect balance of mystery, magic, wtf? Moments and personal struggle. The plot is interesting, the characters are of different species co and beat part was k saw the twist coming! Can't find it from me but yes there are twists which makes reading the novel enjoyable. Only complaint was the lack of description of the characters. You only get bits and pieces, here and there and you have to try and figure out what you need to picture. Honestly ML to me is some emo kid that you would find in a corner or 'L' from death note if he was willing to walk outside while the FL in some white girl hiding away in a tattered, tan, hooded cloak. So that's my only complaint, what do your people look like?!?!?! I probably go it all wrong but I got almost nothing to work with here.


Interesting. The plot isn't like most of the usual stories found on webnovel. It's a refreshing read. The way the story flows is smooth and effortless, and the pacing of the story is good. The scenes are written in a manner that is descriptive and vivid. So far, the characters seem believable and likeable. Though there are a few grammar mistakes, nothing too big. Keep up the good work, author! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


Good grammar and a wonderful pacing make this story a lovely read. The writing style itself could use some polishing, but I believe it to best many other works here on webnovel. Good work, I applaud you.


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