1 A new beginning

What happened didn't I die , what is this pitch black darkness . "Why can't I move" he said putting all of his strength in opening his eyes . With his eyes slightly open he looked at himself and his surroundings and said "Why is my skin so green and why am I in a cave ". Due to his lack of movement Zack came to conclusion and said "oh fuck I'm a green baby goblin", because of the experience Zack had from games he knew that goblins age in a very short period of time .

Two days later , Zack finally grew to become a toddler , so he left the cave to start his journey on the planet called Astecïan . Because Zack had experience with archery back on earth due to his loneliness he used this to kill time with archery , so he decided that he needed materials to create a bow . Zack created a stone spear and sneak attacked a golden silk spider , and then to his surprise he started to hear a voice in his head [ Golden silk spider killed , golden silk obtained ] after hearing this Zack just started to try comprehending what was happening and then he heard [ SySteM MaLfUnCtIoNiNG ] . Zack muttered " I'm finally losing it , aren't I " and then with a robotic voice he heard "[System online remodelling to fit user]. Zack was oblivious to what was going on but then he said to himself "this system will obviously help me to become stronger , so I will just accept it" . Monster system I shall now refer to you as Monse alright [System registered as Monse ]. Monse what can I use the spiders corpse for [ you can eat it to gain it's power and skills or you can change to this species] Zack said in his mind "I choose to change species " Zack's body began to glow and his bones curling out turning into a spider . Monse let me see my skills

Species: Golden silk spider

Growth : 2/4 - middle grade

Nature : Hostile towards humans

Skills : Poison fang ,

SP(soul power) : Soul tempering stage

. Monse what is soul power [soul power or sp is the gauge of strength this world uses to classify the amount of power one has] . Monse what is the lowest stage of sp [ soul tempering stage ] oh well I guess it isn't surprising . I guess it's about time leave here then . Monse is there a way to make me take a form more similar to a human being , [ the only way to do that is to take on the form of a human or humanoid monster or create a hybrid of what we already have] I choose to mix species [ hobarachnid form visualized monster mutation : golden silk ] . With this I couldn't keep the 74 year old weeaboo inside III AAAAAMMMMM IIIIINNNNVVVVVIIINNCCCIIBBLLLEEEEEE!!!!!.