This story is about a boy who have suffered so many things in his life he have even tried to kill himself but he was unable to kill himself ,he even tried so many things that he could solve his problems but he was unsuccessful,he was always being bullied in his school for his voice ,for his sexual orientation,for his behaviour, he even stop going to boy's washroom when he go there same question why are you here go to girl's washroom he never stepped at boy's washroom for 2 years in his school his teacher also bully him because he was weak in study ,no he wasn't weak it's all because of that school a child going through so many mental issues , being bullied by others, teachers also bully him ,when he was giving exam teacher was giving extra sheet to every student that boy also asked for extra sheet and teacher told you even don't need extra sheet even his teacher one day told if I take your name my mouth will be unholy he have suffered from so many things ,you know he was tried to molest but he was lucky that god saved him,a child who suffer form so many things discrimination because he's gay, discrimination because he's weak in study,in his life everyone has discriminate him even his mother and father feel he is a blot on them every things he suffered from he always thought that his life is just for being bullied by others he can't even tell this thing's to his parents cause they feel that he is blot on them ,that boy even had no hope in his life until one day he saw a bl Series named life on life this made him realise that he's as normal as others but he has a different qualities then others ,he understands that being a gay is not a bad thing, he realised that he needs to now coupe up with his problems and now he needs to do something he needs to prove everyone that he can do anything but that time he can't do anything cause he was in home and it was pandemic of covid and he was in home for so many day's after some month situation was being good and he planned to take revenge from his classmates hee wants to take revenge for the Topper girl of calss he used to call her sister but she turns to be a fox in sheep coat no one can see how greedy and bad minded she was causes she was Topper of calss and teachers use to take her name like god ,even vice principal of his school she was such a greedy lady she always take side of that Topper girl in class 9 that boy taked help from her but teachers of that school always wants that boy to be superseded he told vice principal that this is the reason plz come to my class and solve this matter but when she came the teacher of math subject told her he's mental he tells that he feel so akward when he's surrounded with human ,that day he was so shocked how bad his teacher also think about him ,he told principal they bully me but he haven't told him the real reason what they are doing with him he told they bully me because of my height even his mother went to school but the vice principal told her that your son use to see horror movie I think so cause he talks like that that vice principal is so greedy that she can do anything to save her vice principal post ,there are lots of greedy,fake people around him,he was so depressed that in class 9 only he thought to kill himself ,a boy was there who think himself as the smartest person in that school cause he was of rich family he use to bully that boy he use to beat him because of that boy and because of every things which happened in his life he decided to take poison and finish his life but god was there for him he wasn't died and in class 10 it was covid so they were having online class after so many month covid wasn't so active in his country they went to school one day he decided to telk everyone that he's gay and he told everyone in his calss that he's gay and people were like oh we know what to know more than that and they were laughing at him but he told that he's not a insects now, now I know how to coupe up with my problems in class 10 his life was going to change one day there was a teacher who teaches them language and she called class teacher and class teacher told who haven't done her homework come out and he have done the home work but the page was teard and mam touched him to punishe he told first listen to the truth then only judge anyone and he told the thing to his classmates and the language teacher tells I know how to remove students like you and he was like what type of student who speak truth ,he just want to leave this all and live his life freely but his mother don't want him to live freely ,her mother pamper him so much that one day he took oath that if he will grow up he will make them cry as they did to him he was filled with sadness,he wasn't having happiness in his life according to him his life need boyfriend but sometimes he says I don't need any boyfriend ,he can't decide for himself,one day a boy from his class told him I love you and he wasn't thinking of that he was like lemme see , lemme think of it and next day and in next day he told that boy I'm not interested in you sorry but now you can go don't come behind me ,that boy knows that his classmate were planning to make fun of him so he told no to that boy,his life was a piece of a hell ,his life was totally different from others,his life consists of going to school to home and seeing TV, using mobile just it no friends no outdoor games,he sit alone in his house,and somehow he adapted in that routine he don't like going out he feel so scared when he go outside alone,even if he needs to go to nearest glossary store he feel so akward, nervous and scared,he was so lonely that he have adapted him self to be single in his life he hates his parents,he hates others,he hates people who come to his house,and his parents tell him to make friends,his parents force him to make friends but his parents don't know what's going on their child life,he hates society which judges everyone because they are gay or they are fat or they are poor or they are a part of LGBTQ+,that boy want's to change this things he wants to do something that this world don't hate LGBTQ+but what he can do he's just a child, he have no Friends in his school but have a lots of online friends, people sometimes discriminate him because of his voice, sometime people tell him why your voice is so girlish,he has listed si many bad rumors about him, even some of his classmates ask him do you have a male sexual parts or female sexual parts,he was surrounded by a group of people who hate him ,who judge him ,who make fun of him,he even tried to be nice with them make them friends but people tell you are gay we don't want to be involved with people like you,yeah it's so disgusting that people hates others because they are different ,and that boy always see froward and want's his life to be normal, sometimes he thinks that why god created me different why he haven't created me a girl,he even Hurt himself because other people tell him bad things and he don't know how to handle with this situation ,he always tell that let dog's bark they won't make my life runide,even he tried everything he eveb tried dubbing of cartoon character, learning new languages, learning about mythology etc he tried everything that people will see something good in him,he was so kind hearted person,he knows how to help others,he always help others,but people always make his fun,so as he grows up, he joined a collage and in class 11 he tried his best to make friends and he made it and he wasn't accepting that he would get this opportunity,but he is scared of going to washroom, cause in his past he never stepped to washroom in school, so he was also scared here and one of his friend asked him why you don't go washroom and he told that this happened in my school so I don't go boys washroom for 2 years in my school life and his friend told don't be scared we won't judge you we are mature and we understand you and this is how he overcome his fear and one day his friend from calss 11proposed him in front of whole calss and he was like I'm I seeing a dream and he told yes and whole calss were like giving them congratulations ,and their love story was going good but one day he noticed that his boyfriend was cheating on him so he asked him who is this girl and why you and she so closed ,his boyfriend was bisexual so he asked him are you two in relationship and his boyfriend told yes I love her and I don't need you and that boy told ok so live your life and he went from there and he cried so much that he haven't imagine that someone will cheat him like that he cried so much and he told himself that it's ok so now let's move on you don't need to cry for someone who went from your life and he started to live his normal life he has friends he talk with them and in calss 11 and 12 he scored so good marks and he started to study further and he went to foreign for further studies and he study there and he got a good job and he settled there but he have done one thing which he wanted to do he told his parents that now I've a job now I've a home and I've everything now I don't need you this are the money gou you spend on me I'm giving this all money now lemme live my life freely I'm not your son now I don't want to be a part of this family and his parents were so shocked and he left from there and went to foreign for ever, and after some year's,that boy got a great job and he became a manager of a company , now his journey start's,he fell in love with a man and they both marry eachother and they were happy,but his happiness is going to be vanished he and his husband adopted a child and his husband told you no need to work now I will work you take care of child and he told ok and his husband was loyal to him one day his husband meet a boy in his office and they fell in love with eachother and they secretly married to eachother and when his husband came to house with his new husband ,he was so shocked that who is he why you and he have wore wedding dress and his husband told he's my new husband I don't need you now he will take care of my husband,he told to his husband that plz don't do to me like this where I will go what I will do his husband told that it's not my problem it's your problem you should deal with it and he told plz don't do this to me he cried in front of him begging to him,and his husband new husband beat him to go out of my husband home and he told that I will not go I will work in your house and I will clean your house I don't have any options plz lemme stay and his husband told ok and his husband new husband take that baby from him and he told him now it's not your child and as that poor boy started to clean house his husband's new husband used to beat him from bealt and he don't tell this thing's to anyone he was so kind hearted and he was so pure soul but he has suffered so many things in his life his happiness was so limited even the child who he have adopted he have grown up and even that child beat him they use to give him so less food to eat one day he died because of no eating good amount of food this is how his life ended he have no happiness in his life he was filled with sadness, anxiety etc,he used to hate his parents etc,this story teaches us that we should not judge anyone because of their physical appearance or they are gay or they are different cause it can may cause serious issues in their life.