The Life and Death of Eden ThatchThe Life and Death of Eden Thatch

The Life and Death of Eden Thatch

by CharlieDemetris

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"When you hear the name Thatch you will first think of my husband, Red James Thatch, or, perhaps more famously, his father Edward Thatch, better known as Blackbeard. Regardless, it will not be mine nor that of my daughter, Mary-Anne. We are but supporting roles in their tales of piracy and travel. In my living years, I didn't care much for the publicity. My husband could have it and he did, he was made for it, that man. But not me. I was content playing the role of his loyal wife and mother of his daughter. Even so, my life makes for quite the tale to tell, and I believe it is time to share the life and death of Eden Thatch with the world."

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