1 Second life

Rena and Lia looked up frowning at an ancient stone tomb. Its entrance decrepit, stone cracked with overgrowth digging in. Both of them looked with a creeping concern at the stone door and its ancient written language.

Rena the swords woman turned away to look at dale, their wizard and scholar of mythic and ancient civilizations. In short they call him dale. "Dale, can you read this?"

Dale stepped forwards with his staff thumping softly across the over grown covered cobblestones. Adjusting his glasses as he walked past and right up to the door. Wiping away dust and vines to get a better look. Narrowing his eyes, dale ran his fingers over the engraved text.

"Hmm, hard to decipher this is a great ancient language. Just give me a second boss. I got this" Whilst Dale deciphered the text. Lia looked around with a keen sharp eye. She didn't like graveyards, nor did she like the possibility of undead enemies springing up from their supposed graves. She shivered at the eerie silence and groaning trees.

If it had been night then she would have noped out faster than a cricket on crack. Rena on the other hand wasn't so disturbed, she wanted to fight. However the enemies were either too scared to come play or were asleep. She thought the former idea stuck. Undead were easy to kill. Of course groups were a little harder. Granted she hadn't seen any liches nor heard about them for centuries. The last one they had in Tanenit kingdom was maybe 600 ish years ago give or take.

Dale's eyes lit up with realization and even a bit of greed. A wizard is a wizard, after all. "Boss! The text.. Its rich.. Hell i think we struck gold! This predates Tanenit! Imagine what we could find, its run down, but untouched!"

Rena let Dale speak his mind, but just as he was about to ramble into the languages history and the kingdom that came before, she sharply cut him off. "Dale. what does it say for f*ck sake."

Adjusting his glasses a habit of his he turned to them excitedly ignoring the sudden sharp bark that bit him in his passion. "Boss, its hard to read. But as far as i can tell it says..[Ye who dare disturb dead, shall face restless fury and wrathful souls. enter at your own caution] That said if we ope-"


Before the wizard could finish, he heard an audible sound as if the stone shifted enough to crack open. A deep inhale rushed into the tomb spooking Lia who looked skeptical at the cracked stone door. "No, hell no. I'm not going into some crypt to get beat the death by the dead!"

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Rena frowned ignorant of the faint sense of danger creeping from the tomb. "Relax its a low tiered dungeon. See the lack of undead? this place is practically abandoned aside a few skeletons. Come on Lia it wont be that bad!" She peered at Dale who in turn decided its best to help.

"Yeah, Rena is right, we've fought worse. Whats a skeleton to an untouched pile of gold and magical artifacts."

Lia looked at dale with disdain, before relenting. "Fine, but if there is so much as a small group of bones i'm out."


A cold breeze swiftly bypassed many corpses stacked into pockets in the walls. it continued down, deeper and deeper. Damp corridors damaged from long term abandon. scours along the walls long burned out. The shivering breeze howled lowly as if a ghost echoed in this tomb. A warning to all that the living has breached its walls.

Yet non stirred to the warning calls, mummified corpses deep in enteral rest and skeletons only clattering from the by passing breeze. Cobwebs shook lightly and loose stones only rained debris.

Only when it reached the furtherest is could past two petrified wooden oak doors both open barely a crack, just enough.

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