The Lich System
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The Lich System


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What is The Lich System

The Lich System is a popular web novel written by the author Bobbydale_Murr, covering SYSTEM, ARMIES, REINCARNATION, FANTASY, WEAK TO STRONG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 105.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 9 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 50 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Duth our main focus has died tragically, more to the point he died watching his cousin die. Only to receive in kind a deadly sentence. originally content as now in spirit they rest. He has been woken to find himself pulled from the realms, not just him but many others like him. Other souls. Their tormented suffering allowing magic to expand to greater feats. Now vengeful not only with those who took his family, friends and other souls, but the world that stood by and allowed it. Duth with sheer will and perhaps an unknown entities help rises up as an avenging lich. Only it was all wrong, he had a system.. he wasn't right. emotions almost stripped bare, just like his flesh. Dark energies flowing in his metaphoric veins. But there stood a few solid goals. World domination and to bring the wraith of souls upon the unfortunates. Now in a game he never intended to play. Duth starts his journey of questionable morals and a seething and wrathful will.


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Author here im shamelessly posting this. cause why not? i know it says weak to strong in the tags, and it is right. just at the start i gave him a small head start, dont worry those guys aren't op in the wider aspect, so he is still considered weak. also doing a system im testing with. so dont fault me on trying.


To me this novel hit right in the haert of what I like the most personality of Mc 5/5 no troll system no stupid titles MC is lich 10/10 the type of novel you can easyli like at least by my standarts I heavily recomend and hope you will try this novel


I have just found this at 50 chapters I'm happy that i found it but also sad that i found it with so little chapters this is a book that i will enjoy reading and i believe others will to


A hidden gem, that's what this story is. I think you did a amazing job writing your story, keep up the good work. I spend my time searching for hidden gems like this, this one was berried deep and it took me a while to uncover it.


For now I can not say how good it will be as there are as of right now just 9 chapters but I like where this story brings us it is nice to see some more lich storys as I very much enjoy them.


Interesting so far. I have only read the first few chapters but what should I say? I am hooked. The character design is good. The setting is cool Great work. Highly recommended.


This novel is one the best and one my favourites but I have two questions, one is that can he harvest gods and the other one is that when will he evolve.


Books is real good nice undead army and I know undead army's I play necromancer is diablo 3. The cult of cthulhu approves of undead as cthulhu does not discriminate against living or undead as all will eventually join him in eternal dreams. Grammar and spelling is pretty good some mistakes here and there but not many so there is no problem when reading, only problem i have is the jumping around between characters its ok kinda annoying but nice to know whats all happening.


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