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I've learned a tremendous deal about writing since The Ancients World. My other works are at a much higher level. This is my latest venture, A new story in the fantasy VRMMORPG genre. It's going to be updated on a semi-regular basis on Webnovel, and every day on my P-a-t-r-e-o-n. I can only hope that people enjoy this story more than The Ancients World. It's benefitting from all the mistakes I've made about my writing.


The story is fine, has a bit of a dark vibe, but nothing too emo. 50 to 70 percent of each mini chapter is a massive stats spam. Its causing me to dislike the story a lot. There's no point reading this if you don't binge read it from start to finish. The chapters are too small to be interesting or memorable by themselves, so you won't remember what the story was like with a new update, the chapters are just too short to allow for such reorientation. So whilst the story is interesting on the whole, I dont recommend reading it untill it's fully released or changes the chapter sizes to not primarily reach a word count through an often times irrelevant and unchanged stats spam. I honestly recommend the author to post like 1500 words at a min., and up to to 2500 words per chapter minus stats. That's what the wn guidelines recommend for contests as well.


This review is to explain the stat spam I have at the bottom of every chapter. It's not there to fill a word count. It's there for the readers and myself to refer to information about the main character and the world at any time. That way, I don't forget things like I have for The Ancients World. It does take up the majority of words, but I only write 750 words a chapter for my nonexclusive stories on Webnovel. I'm never going to sign a story to this site again or any other. That being said, if you want to read ahead, then visit the P-a-t-r-e-o-n. The stat spam will make many of you mad, but I don't care. I write around 2 and a half books worth of words a month, and I don't think you can comprehend that workload. It was double at one point, but I've cut back on the words per chapter/page for my own mental health and sanity. Hope this review explains something.


I enjoy this so far as I have always loved mage builds. But if this is going to be a P-A-T-R-E-O-N exclusive you should post this on scribblehub and royalroad.