1 Back After Death

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~~~(POV: Lyatt Scott)~~~

~~~(Date: February 7th, 2297)~~~

I wake up and look at my surroundings. I'm in bed... It's my bed. I could've sworn that I was shot in the head. I look over towards the holographic clock, and it shows the date February 7th, 2297. That's impossible... That was 6 years ago. I stand up and make my way over towards the bathroom. I enter it, and I look into the mirror. My god... I look like I'm 20 again... I'm 26... Why do I look like I'm 20? I look down at my clothes, and they're the same ones I would wear to bed during this time of my life. Was I shot in the head? I can't remember...

My memories come rushing back, and that's when I realize that today is the launch of Libertas. The game that changed everything... I rush into my bedroom and grab my laptop. I search for Libertas, and it pops up. Saying it's going live in 2 hours. I blink and look towards my gaming pod. It's the best one money can buy. I try and remember who killed me, trying to remember the final moments before I died... I can't remember for the life of me... I actually use the search engine to look up the date, and it's indeed February 7th, 2297.

I lean back in my chair, and I feel nauseous. "How the fuck am I back in time..." I stand up and look for my phone. I find it on the charger, and I pick it up. I see that I have messages from friends and family. My friends are telling me how excited they are. I turn my phone off and take a seat on the bed. If I really did come back in time... That means... My knowledge of the game. I was a Loremaster of Libertas. Recognized by the Devs. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I can use my knowledge of the future. I remember everything leading up to my death.

I remember locations, weapons, armor, classes. So much information that no one knows about, not even the Devs. They only programmed the system to build Libertas. How that was done was up to the system. They don't know what I know. "What does this mean..." Many would claim it means I can use my knowledge to dominate the future and live like a king. I, on the other hand, know what this knowledge brings. Using it can bring dire consequences. Changing the timeline. Anything like that can happen if I use my knowledge.

Assuming all this isn't a dream caused by the final neurons on my brain firing before I'm totally dead. However, I don't think it'd last this long. I stand up and walk over to my SSGD-16k, and it opens at my touch. I'm going to wait in just like everyone else is doing. I lean in, and the latch slowly closes. I close my eyes, and the gaming pod lights up in calming blue lights. I can barely see them through my eyelids. I'm pulled from reality, and I'm brought into a game selection. I float in the space, and I move to Libertas.

I click on it, and it says I can wait in the waiting space for the game to launch. I hit accept, and I'm brought to a vast endless field with flowers and hills. A single tree is giving me shade. I sit down and think. I don't know why I'm doing this... I can't stop the urge to use what I know for my own benefit... To be selfish with what I have. I risk drastically changing the future. An internal debate will not put this to rest. I have to accept that I'm back, but the main thing I want to know. Who killed me?

I used to be a mage, but this time around, I'll go for something greater. There are special classes, ones that allow you to use powers that aren't accessible to others. The most powerful is Darkness, and there was only one man who had that power. His name is Devin Leo, and he had the mythical class, Darkness Incarnate. The only mythical class to ever exist. I can have this... Being an incarnate... It's special... You're considered a mage but as an Incarnate, you're also not a mage. Darkness isn't evil but it isn't good either. It just is.

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