4 The Truth

Sanders was asleep again when the woman poked his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes to see the car stopped in front of a small building made out of similar material as the brown buildings by the sand, well into some type of woods tucked between a small gap of space and not another building in sight.

"This is my base or home you can call it. It's made out of pine since you seem curious. We can't waste too much time anyway though since the virus is flowing through your body right now, and if we don't get you some help quickly, you'll die shaking to death. Not something you want to see ever." she explained, as she got out of the car.

Sanders had no idea about what she tried to tell him, but it seemed important and he jumped out of the car, now feeling several aches surrounding his body from where he was bit. He followed the woman, where she opened the door and let him inside. There wasn't much, and he would find out it was just a small cot and a few crates lying around. In the back, there was a small cut section where a fireplace would be brewing for food and material to be cooked and heated. He watched as the woman closed the door then began digging into crates before getting out pieces of the soft material he was wearing, and a small green container, with a pointed tip.

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"This might hurt, but unless you want to die, you'll going to have to take it." the woman told him, as she pointed for him to sit on the cot.

He looked on the cot and plopped onto the soft bedding. Sanders was considering taking a nap, when he felt the woman grab his arm, before jabbing the green container into him.

"Ouch! What's that for?" he cried out randomly, as she stared at him in surprise.

"You were lying to me at Montague! You can speak!" she spat at him in fury, as she quickly took out the now empty container she injected him with.

"Huh?" he said confusingly.

"Don't play stupid! You tried to bait me so you can kill me, but I don't think so!" she dropped the material, before rushing to get her gun.

"Whoa, I don't know what's happening!" Sanders cried out, as she grabbed her gun and took off the safety.

"Give me one reason why I should spare you right now!"

"Because I don't even know who I am!" he cried out, covering his face. "I just know my name is Sanders, okay! That's all I remember!"

Was this the end? He just watched in horror, as the woman walked up to him, and aimed the gun at his head. He just closed his eyes, as he waited for what he assumed was death to come.

Instantly, he felt a sharp burst of pain towards his head, as he collapsed onto the floor. Opening his eyes, he could see the woman wiping specks of blood off the butt of the gun, before looking down at him.

"You know, I just realized if you wanted to, you could have killed me." she sighed, as she placed the gun down, "And it seems that you don't even know how this works, so let get it straight. Not only you know and clearly understand English, but you don't remember the virus?"

He just stared at her, before realizing what was happening. He remembered how to speak after getting the shot, was that all he needed to remember his past?

"Give me the thing you stabbed me with again," Sanders told her.


"Stab me again."

"Are you stupid? That's just a vaccine, from the zombie bites. Doesn't work like that at all. It's time to see what you really remember anyway. Sit back on the cot."

Slowly getting back, Sanders sat back on the bed, feeling his banged-up head. The woman inspected him, before starting to cover his injuries with bandages. He just sat in silence, as one of his eyes was covered, before she stepped back from her work.

"Not bad. It'll have to do for now." she said, before grabbing something from the crates. "When I point on the map, tell me if you recognize the place."

Sanders watched, as she placed the chart in front of him, and pointed to several dots, off the coast of a larger space.

"We are here. You know where we are?" she asked him.


The woman's expression turned to gloom, as she looked around the map, before pointing across the vast blue that marked the ocean to another location, this one in the middle of a larger mass of green, with several darker lines to represent borders.

"Heard of Germany?" she asked him again, to which he shook his head and she pointed to another country a few inches to the right on the map, "Russia?"

"Never heard or seen any of these. But this one seems familiar to me, but that's all I know." he pointed back past the original spot, and towards the west coast of the large mass away from the other European countries, to a section called Washington.

She looked at the words for a few moments, before turning back to him. He couldn't have been from there, could he? Sanders just continued to stare at the words, unfazed. Perhaps he was from there, but then how would that explain how he reached here?

"You must have come from the plane for real and crashed here!" the woman quickly assumed.

Sanders looked at her in surprise. Surely this couldn't have been right?

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