11 The Depths Below

It was dark, when Sanders woke up to the van suddenly stopping, almost getting him out his seat. It was a bit chilly, as he took a deep breath when the doors in front were opened before they closed. Eying Cee, he noticed she was out, mumbling to herself about who knows what.

"Alright, it's time for you two to get to work!" one of the men grunted towards them as soon as he opened the door.

Sanders heard Cee curse loudly, before getting up as if she was awake this entire time and jumping out from the back. Was she really sleeping or something else, Sanders wanted to question as he followed suit, with his gear on the back.

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He could see that they were by the water that he saw earlier, although it was much different than when he first woke up, with those green beings in that area. But here there was none, and was much calmer and peaceful....

"Hey! Get in the water! We got things to do!" one of the men kicked him onto the ground, before pulling out a pistol Sanders heard being loaded. "Let's make this quick shall we?"

Sander grunted back up, before he hurried towards the water, Cee already in the gear. Once he reached the shore, he quickly dropped the backpack, before he began fumbling the gear out of it. How did he put this stuff on, he couldn't figure out, as the men yelled at him to hurry up.

"My god, you're trying to die." Cee just shook her head, before she went up to him, and began getting the gear on him.

It took a few minutes, but eventually had the tank and makeshift snorkel connected to it, giving him a supply of oxygen underwater. It was quite heavy, although in the wetsuit they had him wear was a bit uncomfortable as well. By now, Cee already waded into the water, before beginning to move underneath it. We can do that, he questioned in disbelief, before a gunshot rang around him.

"Boy, if you don't go in, you'll have no brains left to come back here! Get in there!" the other man shouted at him.

Sanders just gulped as he put his foot into the water, before shivering in its cold wrath. This was going to be hard, he knew, as he continued moving deeper, as it reached his knee, then stomach, chest, before finally his neck. At this point, he could barely stay above the water, but by looking back, he could see one of the men cocking the pistol back, before aiming at him when they saw him looking at him. That was enough to force his head underwater. It was very dark and he could barely see, until he fumbled around the snorkel and felt a button.

Suddenly everything lit up around him as if it was day, but there wasn't much to see. Just lots and lots of sand, and in the far distance, he could barely make out Cee or so he hoped. There was no going back now, as he began doggy-paddling towards her and hopefully towards his past.

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