2 Survival Of The Fittest

Sanders was awoken to a deer that nuzzled his nose, before dashing away when he tried to get up. How long was he out for, he questioned as he began to remember where he was. Of course, he lived in this strange world, and he had many questions. Such as, why was he named Sanders? Where was he? Who were those other creatures that were near him? What happened here? He had much more, as he grabbed the Hawkhound before beginning to walk towards the town. It was quiet, except for the zombies, who he saw go after something or someone which he figure must be the green things, as he moved inside one of the houses. He looked around for more things to put inside his body, as he felt very uncomfortable in the middle of his body for some reason.

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He eyed a small white container with an orange cap on top of it and grabbed it firmly in his hands after placing the gun on a nearby table. Looked easy to remove, he assumed, as he was able to unscrew the cap off once he found the right way to turn it, before getting hit with a nauseating smell. He had to cover his nose, as he peered inside to see a white liquid inside. He closed his eyes as he lifted it up to his mouth.

When he felt it touch his tongue, he wanted to spit it out. What type of substance was this, as he dropped the container in disgust. He was still thirsty, and he believed he had no choice, so he found the container again, and continued to down the substance. It was sticky in his mouth, and he struggled to finish it until much of it was done.

He opened his eyes to see everything colored differently, and as he tried getting back up, he moved into the opposite direction he tried going to, crashing into the wall. This alert one of the crawling zombies nearby, who was in another room, as it began moving out of it, and closer to him.

Sanders tried getting up again, as he steadied himself onto a nearby table, before throwing up the glue out of his system. As the colors were now beginning to fade, he wiped his sticky mouth, to see one of the zombies slowly approaching him on the ground. He was able to move his feet towards the gun, as he gripped it tightly, before aiming down at the zombie, who was near his feet. He quickly fired it, to which blood was sprayed everywhere, including onto him, to which he spat out in disgust. This caused more zombies to growl towards him, as they began moving in his direction.

He yelped in pain, as he didn't notice another one bite his leg, and another onto his arm from behind. He rushed out of the home, holding the gun tightly, as one of the dog zombies chased him from across the street. Sanders turned around, just to see the zombie leap for his head. He aimed the gun towards the zombie's face and closed his eyes before firing.

He could hear the beast plop to the ground before multiple more shots zipped past him, as he slowly opened them to see a woman aiming another similar weapon at him from a short distance, with multiple zombies dead on the ground. Did she take them out too?

"Who are you and state your alliance, or die," she said, as she slowly approached Sanders, who was as confused as the zombie between them, unbothered by the shots and the death of his brethren.

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