6 Sign Of Aggression

Breathing carefully, Cee aimed carefully at a wandering person with her Maplestrike. He was walking around naked, which was usually around these parts, but out in the open like this, was strange. She called those types of people Wanders, nothing much but a bunch of people who didn't understand how to survive in the world like this. She even heard from a few conversations she's eavesdropped to hear about out of all things, a clan of them. Which was strange, since they've been hunted down to near extinction like some ancient beasts.

Meanwhile, Sanders was perched next to a tree, watching behind to make sure they didn't get ambushed. Holding his Hawkhound tightly, he didn't flinch when he heard the shot fired, as Cee called for him to follow.

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Turning around, he saw the dead man on the ground, blood oozing around him, as Cee perched down to see anything of value.

"Nope, just another wasted shot." she sighed, as she walked back to the side of the road.

"Ugh, why are we out here again?" Sanders complained, as he looked around with worry.

"This is one of the best ways to get other resources. People passing by might carry a magazine I could use. Getting low on those." she said, as she quickly reloaded her gun with ease. "Have you ever reloaded your gun yet by yourself?"

Sanders remembered she showed him how, but he had trouble putting the magazine in the chamber sometimes.

"Yeah, I refilled it this morning." he lied, as he took his magazine out before realizing his mistake.

"Mmm, go ahead and put it in now. We got to go back to the base soon or we'll be caught dealing with a full moon." she motioned him to hurry, as she began to move towards it.

As Sanders shoved it back in its chamber and made sure it was secure, he quickly followed suit, as the sun beamed brightly behind them.

"Can you help me." a voice cried out from behind.

Sanders looked behind, to see a young boy move towards him, clearly injured and needed some help. Cee looked behind before quickly aimed the gun at him.

"Whoa, what are you doing!" Sanders cried out, "He needs help and not like that!"

"Water, so thirsty. And hungry." the boy collapsed on the ground, trying to bring his hand out for anything.

Cee didn't budge as she shot his side, causing the boy to scream in pain.

"Run!" she yelled at Sanders, as she quickly moved off the road and into the woods.

Sanders didn't understand until he heard a car engine rumbled in the distance. Looking back, he could see a larger vehicle speed towards them, and he quickened his pace behind Cee. It was all bait.

As he ran, he could hear the crunch of the boy's body being run over, as it zoomed ahead of them, before blocking their route. Cee tried shooting at the driver, but someone shot her arm, causing her to hiss in pain, and drop the weapon. Sanders followed suit, as he just raised his hands instinctively. Why did she fire at an unarmed man, he wanted to know as four people came outside.

"Look what we got here. Two newbies by the looks of it. We could sell them for a few toonies. Cuff em." one of the people, an older woman said, before getting back in the driver's seat.

Sanders didn't move, as they tightly put on some metal circles around their arms, and lost the ability to move them around freely. Good work Cee, he grunted to her, as they were both shoved into the van.

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