8 Proposals Always Go As Intended

Sanders just looked at Cee, who stared back at him. What the heck, he mouthed to her, as the woman faced back the man.

"Fine, I'll stop." Cee said as she tried standing up.

"No need to get up," he said, placing the pistol on the table in front of him. "As for the man over there, come up here so we can start talking."

Sanders complied, as he moved towards the man, Cee just staring outside, probably thinking about how to get out of the situation. All she had to do was not fire a shot, and they would be back in the base. Why was that so hard to do?

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"It seems like my scouts have found you two wandering around. From the looks of it, it seems that you guys align with no one." the man cackled.

"We would never align with anyone!" Cee spat towards him, eying the pistol.

"Those are her words, not mine." Sanders quickly added, trying to stay alive.

"I think I can tell. So if you like," the man mentioned to Sanders, "You can join us and we can keep you in a better condition and provide you so much more than this buffoon here."

"What did you call me?" Cee almost got up, before the man moved his hands close to the pistol, causing her to slump back down.

"Anyway, your answer?" the man directed to Sanders.

Sanders looked back at Cee, who wasn't even looking at him. What did this guy want, surely there had to be something?

"What's the catch?" Sanders raised suspicion.

"There's always a catch, huh? Of course, I need you for something regardless of whether you two want to stay or not." the man snickered as he faced the outdoors. "I want you to investigate a plane wreck for me from these reports I've received."

Sanders felt something when he said that. Cee said something about him being in a plane from Washington. Would that mean whether that was, would help him see his past?

"If you do as told, you can join or we'll let you go. They'll be extra steps after you leave, obviously but that's not the point. That'll probably be you're only chance to getting out of here, or you can stay imprisoned for who knows how long, working in the fields, picking crops all day, and the mining, oh the mini-" the man began to rant.

"Fine, we're in! As long as it makes you shut up!" Cee blurted out in surprise.

Before Sanders could respond, the man grinned at them. This wasn't fair. He didn't agree to this, at least yet. Now he was going to have to be with her even more, possibly leading to more chaos down the road.

"That's what I like to hear. Let's get you ready. But before I tell you all the details, I'm letting you know, if you fail or try to desert Aegis, we will find you, and trust me, you don't want to know what happens when we find you again. Let's carry on anyway!" the man laughed off, as he led them towards the door they entered from.

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