5 Life Here Is Rough

"What do you mean?" Sanders asked as the woman put the map away.

"You must have come from Washington, all the way to PEI, or Prince Edward's Island. You're in Canada!"


"Nevermind, we can discuss this later. Anyway, I need to explain some things since you can understand what I'm saying now, and I don't even know how. Look, around here, there are around two hundred people beside us, living around here. I would think many of them are allied with large factions, like the Mafia and Aegis, but there are a few dozen like me that hunker down and lie low."

"This is how you live?" Sanders wondered as the woman grabbed her gun off the side of the crate.

"Until the time comes, yes."

"What time?"

"The time to get off this place. I'm going to Russia, supposedly there's a large faction with people that are planning to take back the world from the virus, and I want in," she commented, as she was prepared to walk out the door.

"Wait, where are you even going? I don't even know your name! You're leaving me here!" Sanders tried getting back up.

"Don't even bother. You go out there, you'll be dropped quicker than someone with a PDW. All you need to do is stay inside. As for my name, you can call me Cee." she replied back, looking back at him for a minute, before leaving the base.

Sanders just sat there in silence, as he heard the car engine start-up before it quickly got faint. What was he going to do, he questioned as he got up to look around for something to do. There were the crates, but Sanders probably assumed better than to steal from her, at least for now.

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He could feel his stomach grumble, as he remembered he had some things he found from the building by the beach. Feeling inside, he picked out a slightly discolored carrot. Something about it looked familiar to him, as he took a bite out of it. It didn't taste like much, as he deeply crunched the vegetable until he ate the entire thing, even the stocky greens above.

Satisfied with the temporary snack, he began looking around the place seriously. Besides the cot, crates, and fireplace in the back, there wasn't much around. Laying around were pieces of cloth, tape, and some of that disgusting glue. Yeah, he wasn't tasting that again, as he stepped away from the substance. What could he do, he questioned, as instantly more shots rang out around him.

Instinctively, he ducked down, as a barrage of shots continued outdoors, stopping for a few moments, before resuming. He looked by the cot, to see his Hawkhound underneath, and slowly began to crawl towards it. Just when he reached for it, Sanders heard footsteps outside the place, as shots continued to be fired.

He quickly gripped the gun, and yanked it closer to him, before quickly aiming it towards the door, aiming at it steady. Sanders focused on not dropping the weapon, as he heard the door handle began to shake before it turned.

"Stop right there, or I'll shoot!" he stuttered, as a few more shots were fired, before stopping.

"It's me, Cee." the woman said, as she entered the building, before shutting the door. "Seems like you think I was about to drop you?"

"Yeah, when there's a shootout happening, not trying to die to some scum."

"They're on the other side of the woods, it's only loud because they're using high caliber weapons, which we don't have, because Aegis cleared the only places to get military gear from zombies a long time ago, and have access to all the weapons they could possibly use," she grumbled. "But I got some more food, so I'll be planting some seeds in the back. If you need me for anything, come outside, otherwise, if you're tired, you're sleeping on the floor, cause the cot's mine."

Sanders just nodded as she exited the building, and he could hear her footsteps grow faint. Welp, I guess this is how life's going to be like for a bit, he noted, as he placed his gun next to the crates. Yeah, it was his now and he would treat it well, he promised, it's my Hawkhound now.

Smirking to himself, he cuddled up to the edge of the firepit, despite it not being lit, and dozed off, still trying to figure out the truth.

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