10 Instructions Being Followed Or Death

"You know you don't have to be so aggressive? We aren't getting out of here soon." Sanders explained once he got close enough, as they continued down the road. "Are you trying to kill yourself?"

"Why do you care? Not like he's telling the truth." Cee replied back, before picking up the pace.

Sanders didn't bother responding to her nonsense. She wasn't making any more sense, and she was probably thinking of any possible way to die. But Sanders knew this might be the only way to find out more about his past. If that was the case, then what would he do after. He could work with Aegis, and be well-feed and given proper clothes, an-.

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"Hey doofus, you're walking past our stop." Cee called him out. "Maybe you're the one that needs help."

Sanders sighed as he cleared his mind before returning to the front of the house. There was a blue van in the driveway as they approached the door. Before Sanders could do anything, Cee kicked at the door, with muffling heard from inside.

"Who did that?" a voice bellowed once the door opened, where Sanders quickly pointed at Cee. "Oh, it must be the two fresh newbies for that exploration trip. Get in the van, we'll be in there in a moment. And don't kick the door again, or I'll make you regret it."

Sanders questioned the man's words as he shut the door, as Cee just followed his request and got into the back of the van. He hopped in beside her, before she went to another seat, refusing to look at him. He just respected the silence, until he heard two doors open before a different man spoke.

"I'm going to make myself clear with you two. We don't need any trouble right now, as you only have one job. Find anything of worth inside the wreckage site, and we'll let Mr. Lang deal with you afterward. You do anything funny, and we'll both drop you quicker than you can hide, and even if you were to escape, Aegis will find you." The voice rumbled off, "I just can't wait to get some more sleep after this."

Sanders just grunted in agreement, while Cee just spat onto the floor, as the person driving the van reversed off the road, before speeding towards the gates, and towards Sanders's past. What would be found there, he didn't know, but it would hopefully explain everything.

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