9 Geared For Exploration

Once they reached the bottom floor, the man led them to a side room past the door they came from, as Sanders kept his head down. Still cuffed, he ignored the staring from Cee behind him. He just didn't care at this point, as they entered a room with a lax woman behind a table, staring back at them.

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"Mr. Lang, I didn't expect you to be here today!" the woman straightened up.

"No worries. I need two sets of exploration gear, and pronto too. We're about to get answers." Mr. Lang smiled back at her, as the woman nodded and went to search in the crates behind her.

Sanders just put his back onto the wall behind, while Cee didn't budge at all, as they waited. It only took a few minutes, before the woman placed everything needed on the table. Laid out were some kind of backpacks, scuba gear, and a pistol on the side. Would they really trust them with a gun, he questioned as Mr. Lang called him to come next to him.

He didn't move his hands, as Mr. Lang removed his cuffs then Cee's before directing them to put on the equipment. Sanders did without complaint as he heaved on the new backpack and put the scuba gear inside, before eying the pistol on the table.

"It isn't loaded if you're thinking that." Mr. Lang knew, as Cee already was set and was walking out the room, "And where do you think you're going. I didn't say leave."

Cee huffed in frustration as she moved back behind the man, Mr. Lang grinning over his power. Sanders grabbed the gun, feeling its smooth metal surface, before tucking it in a pocket he had in his pants. Hopefully, it would do, he noted.

"Now listen here. I'm not going to follow you the rest of the way because I have other things to deal with. You'll take a left and go down the street until you see a blue van outside a white house. You'll knock on the door and two older men should be there. They'll take care of the rest, as they've done this type of thing many times. Get to it." Mr. Lang waved off, before leaving them alone.

Sanders just stood in place, not sure exactly what just happened. Did he just leave them be?

"Don't just stand there, get out of here!" the woman behind the table grunted towards them, wanting to be alone.

Cee just spat at her, causing her to roar in disgust, before they quickly ran out of the building, and begin moving down the road. Why does she keep doing these things, Sanders wanted to ask, but Cee was much faster and further ahead, as they moved towards the place for a chance of freedom.

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