1 Day One

Sanders got up from the sand's grit, in a confused daze. What was this, he mentally asked himself, as he looked at his surroundings. Where was he? Or better yet, who was he? The only thing he knew was his name, which he didn't know he had. All he's known was darkness and silence, and then suddenly, the world around him changed. He took one step ahead, as he almost stumbled onto the ground, before he balanced himself and took another, before slowly adjusting to the movement. One, two, one, two, he reminded himself, as he began walking down the beach. Up ahead, he could see several brown objects, with green beings ahead. Could that be a sign to know where he was?

As he approached the beings, one of them growled in surprise and began moving towards him, its arm raised for him to come closer. Could this be a greeting, he hoped for as he moved closer. Once he was close enough, the being bit him as Sanders made a noise that only one could assume was a scream. He quickly turned around, as he pushed his feet to move faster in the other direction, mentally counting quicker. He looked behind, to see the being turn back around to the brown objects, before stopping and not moving in place. What world was this?

He could feel something mentally that wanted to go back, unbeknownst to him, it was curiosity. He began moving closer to the beings again but decided to crouch down, causing him to move slower. Sanders was able to move past the creature, as it stared ahead, not even recognizing his presence.

He moved closer to one of the brown objects, as there was another creature a few yards away from the opening of the building that was crouched similar to him, one could say like a dog. He ignored the creature, as he entered inside.

It was small, as there were many foreign objects inside. There was a soft material on top of a more wooden structure to his side, which he would discover was a bed, as he grabbed onto something that looked familiar to him. He put it over his head and instantly felt warmer. He continued the search, as he found another soft material on the ground, lightly caked in dirt. He fumbled to get it over his legs before he finally had it adjusted to his standards. Thankfully, no one would see how strange he looked, but at least it made him feel better.

He continued looking around, as outside slowly began to turn to a fading orange. He had several items of food inside the pockets of the clothing he had put on, and was about to leave when he noticed a piece of wood out of place. He slowly crept up to it, and looked into it. It was fitted with a metal tube and a thin magazine on the bottom. Sanders slowly lifted it up to inspect it further, until his finger accidentally clipped the trigger. It fired a bullet, which caused him to drop it in surprise, and all the green beings in the area were alerted of his location.

Sanders fumbled for the weapon he dropped, when the green dog being, leaped onto of him. He began to shove it out the way before he grabbed the gun and aimed towards it. It growled towards him, before rushing up to him. Sanders felt around the weapon until he felt the trigger and fired at its head.

He watched as the being's head exploded with red blood scattering everywhere, as he shuffled outside to see multiple green beings moving towards him. Sanders had little time to count for his feet to move as he rushed out of the area, the beings behind him, a few similar to the dog-like one, and a few even crawling like snails.

Sanders didn't turn back, as he shuffled ahead, even when what he would later discover were zombies, stopped chasing him. He kept moving, as he focused on the sounds of his own breathing. Those things, whatever they were, are something I don't want to mess with, he promised to avoid, as he reached the edge past more buildings in the open, and the rest of the green creatures.

Sitting down by a tree a few yards away, he sighed out of breath, as he fished out a piece of some small circular metal object. Thinking of a way to open it, he tried bashing the thing to the side of the tree, until he heard a crack. The cover had a small hole as Sanders slowly but surely pried it open. Inside was several pieces of bacon, but to Sanders look like something from the zombies. Perhaps they were a food source, he questioned as he took a strip and bit it. It was crunchy and greasy, but Sanders enjoyed the taste, as he quickly ate the rest. Afterwards, he took out a small box of liquid and decide to puncture a hole inside it too. Liquid dripped from his hands, as he drunk up the purple substance.

Satisfied, he was about to lay down into a bush, when he heard a soft sound in the distance. Peering near a town with more buildings similar to the brown creations in style, he saw some type of object with cylinders to move with, stopped near he was outside of it in front of him with a few of the green beings chasing behind before they eventually stopped and returned to there original positions, as two people came out with a similarly-styled weapon he had.

"Did you hear that noise?" one of the people asked.

"Sounded like it was from Souris Campground. Probably a hawkhound too from the sound of it. Looting zombies I bet." the other voice said.

Sanders looked back at the weapon he had to his side. Were they speaking about him?

"You think there are others out there. Like us?"

"Probably, just a matter of time until we can get the plane working to Germany. Supposedly, there are some people over there. Or were. Anyway, let's not wait. No one's around here, and we have a job we got to do."

They quickly went to the back of the vehicle, before they brought out a guy who couldn't move his arms since they were cuffed.

"You guys can't kill me. Please, I'm just trying to live too." the voice cried out, as they brought him to the side of the road.

"Shouldn't have been near our base, trying to steal the bosses materials." one of them snickered.

Sanders watched as one of them shoved him down, and the other guys let out multiple bullets lay waste to him, blood spread out everywhere. Then the guys got back into the vehicle before they sped back to where they came from. Sanders didn't even know what to think, as he looked at the limp, disfigured body. This world was rough, and would have to be ready.

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