3 Bigger Enemies To Fight

How do I make sounds like her, Sanders wondered, as he instinctively raised his hands in the sky. He opened his mouth to speak, as the woman stopped several feet in front of him, aiming her gun at his head. What could he try to say?

"Well, speak before I blow your brains out!" she forced out, gripping the gun tighter in her hands.

"Uh, ee, me." he tried to make a sound compared to what the people in the vehicle made.

"Don't play dumb with me. I'm not afraid to shoot." she screeched at him, firing a warning shot above his head.

Sanders crouched down in fear, as he dropped the gun he was holding before beginning to whimper. What was this being trying to do to him now? He looked up, as the woman sighed, before replacing her gun to her side, before walking up to him. Did the being think of him as inferior?

"Must be one of the survivors from the plane crash on the radio. You've been injured from that and the zombies from the looks of it, but is somehow able to fire a gun? Something's not adding up, but a bet it's something I can see to." she crouched to his level and looked into his eyes. "Now get up, we got to move before the Mafia arrives."

Sanders just watched as she grabbed his arm before heaving him up to his feet. What was she trying to tell him, he questioned, as he heard multiple noises similar to the weapons they had on them, as bullets ricocheted around them.

"It's Aegis! We got to go! Get your gun and follow me!" she pressured him, as she ran towards the woods behind the town.

Sanders looked down at the weapon and grabbed it, before a bullet struck where his arm was, causing him to quickly begin picking up the pace behind her. At this point, he didn't even need to count to move as they shuffled through the small woods, with multiple more shots fired behind.

"Don't stop!" Sanders could hear the woman yell, as they moved out the woods and to one of the objects that looked like the machine those two guys came out of, as it was parked snugly to the side of the road leading out of the town.

Sanders watched, as the woman got into one of the doors and shut it quickly. Sanders tried to open the door she came from, but she just shook her head and nodded her head towards the other side next to her. He shuffled towards it, and got inside, when a spray of bullets hit the side of the machine, puncturing many holes into the passenger's side. The woman didn't even hesitate to floor the gas, as he hadn't even been able to sit probably, and the door shut tight from the acceleration. He watched in horror, as they sped through the town, the zombies alerted of their presence, as the woman swerved around them, but hitting a few, causing blood to be splattered across the entire windshield and hood of the vehicle.

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"I just cleaned and fixed this car yesterday too!" she roared inside, temporarily shocking Sanders, as they zoomed out of the town, the gunfire stopping once they were too far, " At least this Hatchback hasn't been destroyed yet. As for you, we're going to get answers and see what's wrong with you."

Sanders just stayed silent, as the car continued to speed down the road, to only who knows where.

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