7 An Opportunity

The silence was grim, as Sanders stared out the window. They've been traveling for how long, he couldn't tell, as he glared at Cee, who just kept her mouth shut, as she should. It was her fault they were in this situation, he wanted to say again, but when someone's pointing a gun to your head, you keep quiet.

The van never stopped for them for anything, and he could have sworn he peed his pants by now, as it zoomed past a long stretch of road. That was until now, as the van temporarily stopped before something was knocking the body of the vehicle. The man with the gun to his head pulled it back, before going outdoors to explain what was inside. A moment later, the man returned with another person what he assumed was the one that knocked on the vehicle. The person looked at him and Cee before nodding, seeing them as high value. The vehicle lurched ahead, as they passed through some type of wooden gates.

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As they continued onward, they passed by multiple houses, with people milling around, but many with different types of guns, likely on watch. Yeah, they weren't getting out of here any time soon, Sanders noted. The vehicle stopped as soon they passed some type of intersection, before they were quickly pulled out. Sanders didn't get a good enough look, before they were pushed inside, but he could tell this was one of the factions here. But which one?

They entered a much larger wooden building that clearly wasn't a house, as they lead them up multiple ramps until they stopped in front of a wooden door. Before Sanders could speak again, they quickly shoved them inside, before closing the door behind them. Staring ahead, Sanders could see a man staring out at a window of the town below, before staring at them.

"Look like we're going to make good use of you two." the man noted their features.

"I rather die than work for Aegis!" Cee cried out, as she tried rushing him.

The man just sighed, as he grabbed her before she could smash through the window and fall to her death. Snickering, the man threw her back, as Cee tried getting back up.

"Don't bother trying." the man grinned, as he pulled out a pistol from his pocket before aiming it at Sanders. "Or you're friend over there gets killed right here and now. I've done this plenty of time, so let's quit the acting, shall we?"

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