12 A Plane Of The Past

It was an eerie silence, as Sanders waded through the water. He was struggling through the water, and there was no doubt that he himself didn't know what he was doing. What he do know was to follow orders.

Cee on the other hand was long gone, and he couldn't even see her anymore, but he continued struggling towards her direction. Dang this was rough, and cold, he noted, almost shivering through the gear, wishing that he was land again.

But it didn't take long to note a shape in the distance, and as he slowly moved towards it, he could make out Cee circling around a foreign object. It looked strange, as there were bits of it surrounding the sight of what looked to be a large metal piece. This must be it, Sanders almost wanted to grin and he'll soon get back to the surface.

He could see Cee going inside through a hole, as he began following suit, although much slower. And what felt like an eternity, Sanders could see the shape getting sharper and detailed, as he carefully grasped the sharp edges around the hole. Here's go nothing, he sighed, as he traveled inside.

Inside was a mess, or at least what was left of it. He could see collapsed seats around him, as he ventured towards Cee. What were they supposed to be looking for again? He couldn't recall, as Cee was beginning to move closer to him. Did she need something, he wondered, as she stopped in front of him, before pointing at the ground. He followed her finger, before looking towards where it was.

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In that direction, there was something slumped in the corner, and as Sanders moved closer, he could make no mistake about it. The thing, was another human, long dead apparently, as Sanders continued to examine it. Something looked familiar about it, he knew, as he began inspecting further until something caught his eye.

A gold watch what was he saw, as he carefully unclasped it from the man's wrist, which he was surprised he knew how to do. But before moving away, he began moving the face to stare at him. That was when he almost dropped the watch, in shock. Wait, no it couldn't be, Sanders's eyes began to widen. Dad.

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