25 Unicorn & Nightmare

By taming the beast, it would not fall under the category of a contracted monster.

They couldn't achieve Unity and use their skills on their masters.

This was the vital importance of contracting monsters, to use their skills, but since they would be used as mounts only, Kylnyn didn't care about that. He had stronger contracted creatures.



But the battle was still going on and it would be annoying having all the Unicorns and Nightmares attack them together when they try to grab one each.

Luckily Kylnyn had someone perfect for the job.

"Brave adventurer, I need your aid. Go distract the horses."

"Eh?" Frenzy was just looking at the battle going on and was in total awe of these strong monsters. A newbie player could acquire one of the Basic rank monsters, pantera, tortus or a poultry as their contracted beasts, but Unicorns and Nightmares were Normal ranked monsters, two ranks above Basic rank.

His pantera couldn't even scratch them currently, maybe when it fully matured, it could put up a fight against a weak Unicorn and Nightmare but it would still be impossible for it to overcome the rank difference currently.

But suddenly he got a new quest from the secret NPC.

[Kylnyn's Request]

*Requirements: None

-Distract the monsters and buy enough time for Kylnyn and Elyssa.

Rewards: 5000 EXP

Refusal: Relationship with Kylnyn -10

The reward for the quest was a whole five thousand EXP. It was a huge sum for him currently. And upon refusing the quest his relationship with him would drop by minus ten.

He hadn't even gotten any plus points with his relationship and any drop would effect him greatly.

Maybe he couldn't get secret quests from him anymore.

He took a look at the ongoing battle once more.




It was a total carnage. He would definitely die if he went in there and lose levels.

But the EXP reward from the quest was enough to compensate for that.

He weighted the cons and pros.

He couldn't afford to lose any relationship points with the NPC.

"I…accept…" So, he chose to accept this suicidal quest.

He drew his sword from his waist and took a deep breath.


And charged right in the middle of the ongoing battle.

[Charge Stab]

He stabbed a Unicorn and slashed towards a Nightmare.



The Unicorns and Nightmares noticed the intruder and became angry. So, they focused their attacks on him.

Upon noticing that he managed to grab their attention, Frenzy started running like there was no tomorrow.


He once again motivated himself with the rewards he would get upon the completion of the quest.

Kylnyn saw Frenzy grabbing the monsters's attention and running towards the depths of the forest.

'These players sure come in handy.'

"Why did he agree? He is so weak, he will definitely die." Elyssa couldn't understand why someone so weak would agree to the request when they are sure to die.

"There are some people kind hearted like that. They can not ignore someone in need. He was such a person."

"There are people like that? What an idiot."

There were some Unicorns and Nightmares that were left still battling amongst each other.

But there were only two of them luckily.

So Kylnyn and Elyssa grabbed one Nightmare and one Unicorn each.

Elyssa took out two taming scrolls and passed one to Kylnyn.

"Oh? You had them on you? I thought we needed to go back to the city."

"I'm always prepared for any situation."

"You are awesome."

"Hmph praise me more."

Kylnyn opened the scroll and pointed it towards the Nightmare.

After infusing him mana, a magic circle lit up under the Nightmare. Same situation happened with the Unicorn.

After the magic circle lit up, Kylnyn started beating the Nightmare.

Unicorns were gentle beasts, they could be tamed by soothing them but Nightmares were not.

They were aggressive and only submitted to strength.

Nightmare continued resisting both the magic circle and Kylnyn's beatings.

But I couldn't resist for long and was finally tamed.

Elyssa tamed the Unicorn long ago and was waiting for Kylnyn.

It was actually not easy taming a monster, but since the monsters they were trying to tame were newborns and they were not that strong, coupled with the powerful aura Kylnyn and Elyssa radiated, they were easily subdued.

"Took you long enough."

"You know Nightmares are rebellious."

"Whatever. Here meet Tiara." Elyssa pointed towards the Unicorn she just tamed.

"You already gave it a name?"

"Duh. What will you name yours? I have a couple of good names if you want."

"No need. I will name it myself."

Kylnyn looked towards the Nightmare.

A black horse with a red horn on its head. There were flames on its hooves and left flames wherever it stood upon. But the flames were environment friendly and didn't burn anything.

"Hmm, your name will be Sithis."


The nightmare, now named as Sithis, neighed upon hearing its name.

"Let's go back shall we?"


They got on their respective mounts and rode back towards the city.

"We need to buy saddles. This is so uncomfortable."

"I agree."

"I feel like I'm forgetting something." Kylnyn said.

"Must not be something important if you forgot about it."

"I guess… Welp let's go back."

After they left, in the deeps of the forest around the Lake of Silence,

Frenzy was currently trapped between the monsters with no way out.

"Haaah…haaah…haaah" He was panting in exhaustion. But there was a trace of pride from being able to complete the quest.

He sheathed his sword and waited for his end.

A Nightmare impaled him from the back and a Unicorn impaled him from the front.

He felt the pain, but he continued to smile.

'I protected my relationship points!'

With that he turned into particles and revived in Laksy.

After returning to Laksy, Kylnyn and Elyssa bought saddles, and placed them on their mounts.

While placing the saddles, the sword on Elyssa's back piqued his attention.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, why did you pick a sword from the armory?"

"Ah, well, it is because I felt a space affinity in the sword and thought it would be great to pick, since I was getting annoyed with having nothing to do close combat with. I train with the sword daily you know? I might not be able to touch you but I'm still fairly good."

"Space affinity? What did you get?"

"Secret." She placed her index finger on her lips and winked towards Kylnyn.

"I will show you when the time comes."

"Whatever. Wanna go grab something to eat?"

"Yeah. I'm starving."

With that they continued spending their time in Laksy until Kylnyn got a new notification.

[Beta testing ended.]

[Time until Public Launch: 23.59h]

'So, the time has come eh.'

Kylnyn looked at the notification and decided that it was finally time to head to the Trainee's Village, since the players would appear there.

He could get a look at them and gain some prestige by issuing quests to the players.

That would put him in a good light amongst the players and have more lackeys like Frenzy that he would use for bothersome stuff.

It would be better if he had some equipment he could sell to the players so Kylnyn decided to head to the armor and weapon shop.

"Elyssa, let's go take a look at some equipments."

"Hmm? Why?"

"I'm planning on selling them to some people for profit."

"Ah! Now that you said that, I have some in my storage."

"Really? That is good then. But I will need a lot."

"Don't judge without seeing them first. Let's go to somewhere empty."

They got on their mounts and head to the forest outside of Laksy.

After Elyssa found a place enough to take out the stuff, she got off her Unicorn and emptied the equipment he got from the Trainee's Island after killing Baron Madius.

Kylnyn was shocked upon seeing literally a mountain of equipment Elyssa took out.

"Where the heck did you get all these equipments from?"

"I have my ways. Are these enough?"

"Yes, they are definitely enough. Thanks Elyssa, you are amazing."

"Ehehe praise me more."

Kylnyn took a look at the equipments.

[Short Sword]

[Rank: Basic]

A simple, functional sword. Sturdy, good for taking on groups, and easy to keep under control.

[Broad Sword]

[Rank: Normal Basic]

A two-handed blade with great power in each swing. Thick and very heavy, but potentially devastating.


[Rank: Basic]

A simple, one-handed axe comprising a triangular head on a pole. Easy to use, but not that effective.

[Frying Pan]

[Rank: Basic]

Intended for cookery and hot from the kitchen, causes first degree burns to all who are hit with it.

[Deck Brush]

[Rank: Basic]

Although originally used for cleaning, sailors have also been know to ably defend themselves with it.

[Alucart Mail]

[Rank: Normal Basic]

Look carefully, one letter is different! It's not who you think! Also offers terrible defense.

[Sports Kit]

[Rank: Basic]

How many times have I told you?! Take this home and get it washed every once in a while! It stinks!

[Sports Jersey]

[Rank: Basic]

Girls may wear this to avoid the looks from boys brought on by a sports kit...or so I'm told.

[Hide Armor]

[Rank: Normal Basic]

Clothing covered in animal furs. Mainly used by hunters; popular because of its warmth.

After taking a look at the items, there was one thought is Kylnyn's mind.

'Who is writing these descriptions!?'

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