37 The Berserker

The gates opened and Kylnyn together with the players, rushed towards the incoming army of zombies.

They were not as numerous as the army yesterday and the players fully compensated for quantity.

Orgnar was not like Harrian who stood behind the ranks and buffed them. It charged right in front with its axes brandished.



Meteors fell right on top of the zombie army and destroyed a chunk.

The players engaged with the zombies while Kylnyn summoned his shadows and engaged in a battle with Orgnar.

It was ferociously killing everything that came in its way with its axes.

The shadows couldn't do much against it but Kylnyn had a trump card this time.

A shadow he acquired recently.


[Rank: Elite Knight]

[Type: Human]

It was the shadow of Harrian.

It rose up from the ground with its huge shield and engaged Orgnar.

Their fight ended up in a stalemate but Orgnar was slowly pushing Iron back.

Iron's thorns struck Orgnar, each time he attacked, and Iron was not hurt in the slightest but Orgnar was slowly getting stronger and stronger the more it got hurt.




Orgnar struck Iron's shield with its axes furiously and finally pushed him back.


Then Orgnar shouted a battle cry that caused a spark to go through each and every zombie in the army.

The zombies that the spark passed through went berserk too and they became stronger and stronger.

The players who were pushing back the zombies were getting pushed back now.


Elyssa appeared in the battlefield in her Phoenix form and phased through the zombies but this time, the zombies didn't even mind the damage, they kept attacking the players.

Kylnyn noticed that the situation could take a turn for the worst, so he entered the fray.

He was planning on testing the strength of his shadow army but time was not on his side.

He didn't know how long Orgnar could keep this buff up but he didn't want to take any chances against an army that didn't die.

He drew his sword swiftly and used Twilight to catch him off guard.

The slash created a large wound on Orgnar's body but it didn't even mind it, instead, its attacks got stronger.

So, everyone ended up in a stalemate.

Kylnyn tried not to injure Orgnar since it would get stronger and stronger and focused on dealing a single fatal blow.

And Orgnar attacked without minding the attacks but it couldn't pierce through Iron's guard.

Battle went on and everyone started to exhaust themselves.

The enhancement on the still wasn't over.

Orgnar looked as if it had an inexhaustible amount of mana to sustain such a buff so long.

And finally, Kylnyn couldn't take it any longer.


He tried to pierce through Orgnar's armpits to get an arm, but Orgnar dodged the attack.

It swung its axe towards Kylnyn's neck.


But Igris blocked the axe in time.

Orgnar kicked Igris away and slashed towards Iron with its axes.


Iron blocked the attack and thorns extended from the shield and pierced through Orgnar's body.

Orgnar's power increased once more, and hit the shield once more.

But this time Iron couldn't block the attack and was pushed back.

This gave Orgnar enough time, and he started rotating with its axes, like a tornado.

The rotation became a whirlwind and everything that came in way was shredded to pieces.

Kylnyn stood still and waited until Orgnar came close enough.


He became stationary and countered each and every attack of Orgnar.

Its whirlwind was broken but all the attacks that got countered made him stronger and stronger.


Orgnar struck the ground with its axes and created an explosion from the force behind the attack.

Kylnyn and the shadows were pushed back.

'Where is the cap for this increase of strength?!'

Orgnar looked as if an immortal monster that got stronger the more it was hurt. And there was no cap to its growth of strength.

It was ridiculous to have such an ability.

How did he have such vitality anyways?

With no other choice, Kylnyn continued his battle with effort.

He didn't get any chance to observe the current situation in the battle field since he was busy holding on against Orgnar, so, he didn't know that another enemy made their way into the battlefield and was currently in a battle against Elyssa.

The enemy was a woman dressed in magician robes. She was a zombie like everyone else but this zombie was a lot more human like than the others.

Elyssa created a shield wall to defend against a blast of rocks and threw a flame breath towards the enemy.

"Be careful, I'm gonna use teleport behind you." The zombie woman said.

Then she did as she said she would.

She teleported right behind Elyssa and stretched her palms that were crackling with lightning.

But Elyssa was prepared and used her Ethereal Shift and dodged the attack.

She summoned her fire wings and sent a gout of flames with a clap of her wings.

"Fire is mostly ineffective against me. Use something else."

The woman dissolved the fire and threw ice needles towards Elyssa.

"Ugh! What about lightning?!" Elyssa tried to dodge the needles but some were stuck on her body. She took the needles out and the wounds healed with her Phoenix regeneration and she asked the woman before her.

"Lightning is so-so. But I would use the sword if I were you." The woman said matter of factly. She continuously told Elyssa what she was going to do and which attacks were effective against her.

The woman was Lady Beatrix. One of the four people who were resurrected by Emanuel Raymond through dark magic. But contrary to the others, thanks to her magic talent, she still had her sentience.

But the problem was that she couldn't control her body.

She had been with the cursed ship all along and searched for someone that could end her life.

And she finally found a young magician that was talented enough to defeat her. She continued explaining the ways on how to defeat her and gave her advice with her spells.

"Your arrows lack accuracy. They only fly in a straight direction. Try to control them after the cast. Like this."

Then she cast the same spell, Inferno Arrows, but her arrows continued chasing after Elyssa.

After noticing that she couldn't dodge the arrows, Elyssa opted for a magic shield.

The arrows struck the shield and created smoke, obstructing her vision.

"You should have used a counter spell. Be careful, earth spikes are coming."

While she was feeling safe behind her shield, earth spikes started growing right beneath her.

Elyssa used her Ethereal Shift once more and got out of the way of the attacks by phasing through them.

"The spell is finally completed. Don't get out of you ethereal state."

Lady Beatrix warned Elyssa once more.

"The spell?"

As soon as she asked the question, a huge magic circle lit up on the sky.

"What is that?"

"What is going on?"

The players were surprised upon seeing the magic circle.


A huge lightning spear appeared in the middle of the circle.

It parted the sky in two.


The players were thrown into disarray and started running away.

Kylnyn noticed the situation and clicked his tongue.


He got on Abhuva's tail, and ordered it to throw him up.

Abhuva obeyed the order, and threw Kylnyn high up in the air.

The lightning spear started falling down on the ground.

If it hit, it was sure to kill everyone in the area allies and foes alike.

"Look at that!"

"Is that a bird?!"

"Is that a plane?!"

"No! Look carefully! That is Kylnyn!!"

"Go Kylnyn!!"

The players started shouting encouragements to Kylnyn.


And when he was close enough, Kylnyn used hit counter attacking skill and sent the spear back into the circle, causing it to explode.



The force behind the explosion caused Kylnyn to fall towards the ground.

He braced himself for the impact.



[Energy Charge]


Just as he was about to lose his consciousness, he used energy charge and healed his almost torn apart body.

He took such a critical damage that, even after healing himself, phantom pains appeared on his body.

Even with Unshakable, he was unable to endure it.

So, he continued lying on the for a bit longer before he forced his body to get up.

He fully healed himself with Soulseeker Mark and entered the fray once more.

Orgnar was slowly getting weakened and the buff on the zombies were long over.

He sneaked behind Orgnar and slashed his armpit, causing his arm to drop on the ground.


Orgnar turned around furiously while swinging its axe, but Kylnyn ducked under the attack and pierced through its left leg.

His sword went through the leg but Orgnar didn't even even the damage.

Kylnyn's instincts warned him of danger and he ducked once more without looking at the attack.


The axe went right over Kylnyn's head.

Igris appeared behind Orgnar and slashed its other arm this time.

The other arm dropped on the ground and Orgnar was left defenseless.

[Swallow Reversal]

And with a final attack, Kylnyn separated Orgnar's head from its body.


He looked at the dead body of the Orgnar and ordered.


The shadow rose from the ground and stood before Kylnyn with his two huge axes in his hands.

[Name: ???]

[Rank: Elite Knight]

[Type: Human]


[Name: Ragnar]

He gave it the name of a famous Viking from his previous life after seeing his axes.

And Ragnar acknowledged the name with a war cry.


After dealing with Orgnar, Kylnyn turned his sight towards the enemy he noticed while he was up in the air.

It was the woman Elyssa was fighting with.

Elyssa dodged another fire arrow and shortened the distance between her and the enemy.

"I'm gonna teleport away."

Lady Beatrix told Elyssa what she was planning to do, but Elyssa was prepared this time.

Right before Lady Beatrix was about to teleport, Elyssa used a spell she created during her fight with Lady Beatrix.

[Chrono Shift]

The magic circle below Lady Beatrix shattered with Elyssa's spell and her magic was interrupted, causing Lady Beatrix to be disarrayed from backlash.

Elyssa didn't miss her chance and plunged her sword through Lady Beatrix' torso. And she wasn't done yet. She used her Phoenix flames through her sword, causing it to lit up in flames and burn through Lady Beatrix.

"Wha-what was that? And this is Phoenix Fire?"

"It was a time related spell that turned the time of a cast magic circle back to when it wasn't. And yes this is Phoenix Fire."

"Time spell? But I sense only space affinity in you?"

"Hmph. Only a child would think that time and space are different."

"…I see."

And with a smile on her face, Lady Beatrix' body disintegrated under the influence of Phoenix Flames.

The rest of the battle was easy, and the players took care of the rest.

[You have defeated Orgnar the Berserker!]

[You have acquired a new Talent!]

-[Battle Continuation]

When subject to any physical, magical, or any other attacks, incoming damage is reduced by 25% and converted to mana.

And with that, Kylnyn became a self sufficient machine that absorbed mana through enemy attacks and healed himself with Soulseeker Mark through the use of converted mana.

'A cockroach I have become.'

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