1 The Beginning

I never believed the phenomenon people referred to as the "light at the end of the tunnel."

Those rare occurrences where people, after waking from near-death experiences would claim, "I saw the light!" with cold sweat rolling down the sides of their faces.

Yet, here I am in this supposed "tunnel."

But how did I die?

The last thing I remember, I was alone in my room.

Looking at the streets through my window.

After that, my body felt heavy as I laid down on my bed.

Was It heart attack?

Did I fell down from my bed and hit my head?

Well it doesn't matter anymore I guess. As much as I want to find out the reason of my death, there is no other choice but to go along with it.

There better not be a choir of babies with wing singing at the end.

"Kylnyn wake up. We're gonna be late for breakfast."

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a little girl around the age of five or six.

She had long flowing silver hair and emerald eyes.

I always thought of children as annoying but I might make an exception for this cute girl.

But let me make myself clear, I'm not into little girls. Not even in a million years.

"…What do you want Elyssa?"

Somehow these word spilled from my mouth and I knew the name of this girl before me.

"We're gonna be late for breakfast hurry up."

"Okay, okay I'm up. You go first, I'll come in a minute."

"Okay. Don't be late or I'll eat your share too."

"Hah you wish."


She shut the door after leaving and I was finally left to my thoughts.

'Did I actually reincarnate?'

I was getting excited by the thought of being reincarnated because who wouldn't want a second chance at life? If it was a magical world all the better.

As long as I don't stick my nose where it doesn't belong to like the main characters from novels, I can lead a happy life!

But first things first, information.

Where am I?

Who am I?

From what the little girl called me, apparently my name is Kylnyn, but do I have a surname? Parents? etc.

And finally is this a magical world?


While I was deep in thought, a sudden headache hit me and passed as soon as it came.

And I finally found the answers to my questions.

I am five years old and my full name is Kylnyn Isia. I am an orphan and currently I am in an orphanage. I was admitted to this place last month at the same time as Elyssa because my parents died in a monster attack.

Yes, there are monsters and magic in this world.


I couldn't suppress my excitement and laughed out loud, but the I heard footsteps and quickly shut my mouth.


"Kylnyn are you okay? You didn't come to the breakfast, Elyssa said you were okay but I was worried."

"I'm okay sister Teresa. I just wanted to sleep a little bit longer and just woke up."

"Phew, It's okay if you are feeling well. Come, I saved your share you have eat well if you want to grow up healthy."

Then she took my hand and brought me downstairs.

Her name is Teresa Codric but everyone called her sister Teresa and she is the caretaker of this orphanage.

She was a beautiful woman with relatively short black hair reaching her shoulders and blue eyes with a very fit body. She is in her twenties and also a magician but you could tell that she took great care of her body.

Magicians didn't bother themselves with physical activities when they can study arcana and learn new spells but contrary to the general knowledge she didn't neglect her body.

"Here, I heated it up for you. Eat well and grow well."

She put a plate of mashed potatoes and a bread with a glass of water on top of the table with a smile on her face.

"Uhh… Sister Teresa?"


"Isn't my share a bit too much?"

It really was. She gave me nearly three times more than what the others get.

When she heard my question she put her index finger to her lips and said;

"Shh It is our secret. Don't tell the others okay?"

With a brilliant smile.

Ha? Am I her favorite or something?

Whatever. I get to eat more this way.

"Okay I won't tell anyone!"

I sat on the chair and started wolfing down the food.

"Haha slow down. It's not going anywhere."

When I lifted my head I saw her sitting opposite of me, with her head resting on her arms and looking at me with a smile.

Okay, now this is getting weird. Was she always like that?

But I somehow felt embarrassed after being seen like that and showed her an apologetic smile.

"Sorry… I was starving haha."

"No no no it's okay I don't mind I just thought it was funny don't mind me."


Then I went back to eating.

'I'm reincarnated but I didn't see any ROB anywhere don't I have a strong or magic that can help me… at least a system would be great.'

As soon as I thought about that a panel appeared in front of me.

[Kylnyn Isia]

[Level: 1 0/50EXP]












"Kylnyn! Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!"

I was so surprised from the panel's sudden appearance that I fell down from my chair.

"I'm okay sister Teresa It was my carelessness."

"No you're not okay, don't move."

She placed her hand on my chest and a light shone on my body.

I felt the light soothing my body and taking the fatigue and stress away, leaving me with a serene and happy feeling.

'So this is magic. Awesome!'

"I used minor heal but be careful okay? I don't want you getting hurt."

"Thank you sister Teresa. I feel so much better and I will be careful."

"…Okay, now finish your breakfast I will clean the kitchen."

Then she left to clean and I sat on the chair again.


[Kylnyn Isia]

[Level: 1 0/50]











'I really have a system! Great!'

My stats were low as expected from a level 1 but skills and talents had plus signs next to them so I thought of clicking on them in my mind.


-Sword God Style

•Proficiency: 0%

A swordsmanship style that is famous for their light speed sword draw. But make no mistake, the first attack is just a greeting.


First attack after the sword is drawn deals 3x-5x damage. Faster the sword draw, stronger the attack.

*Cannot be used more than once in a battle.

*Cooldown will reset after the battle is over.

*No cooldown If used outside of a battle.

Requirements: Sword type weapon


-Wave {Locked}

Deals 1.5x damage in effective area.


MP Cost:40


-Restraint {Locked}

Restraint the enemies from approaching in effective area.


MP Cost:50



-Link {Locked}

Deals 5x damage on a target.


MP Cost:60

-Kill {Locked}

Deals 15x damage on a target.


MP Cost:200

-Transcend {Locked}

Increases ATK by 2x and basic attacks becomes ranged.


MP Cost:250


'Nice! It seems like whoever reincarnated me didn't forget to include some benefits too. Thank you whoever you are.'

Then I turned my sight to talents part.


-Advanced Luck Glow

Increases the probability of beneficial or lucky things happening to you by a large amount.

'Is this the reason why sister Teresa treated me differently? If so this is literally op af!'

After checking out my skills and talents, I got up from my chair and went towards sister Teresa.

"Oh Kylnyn, did you finish your breakfast?"

"Yes I did thank you it was delicious."

"I'm glad if you enjoyed it. Now come on go play with your friends I have to clean this place."

"Uhh sister Teresa?"


"Can I get a sword?"


As soon as I asked she dropped the plates she was holding and turned to me.



"No! You don't need a sword. Do you know how many people die by fighting monsters? Do you know how many people become sad for them? No young man you won't get a sword, go play with your friends and grow up to be a good man. This world needs farmers and scholars as much as they need adventurers!"


"No buts!"

'Damn woman you leave me no choice.'

"But I wanted to be strong and protect you…"

I said with tears in my eyes and a blushing face. Gathering tears in your eyes is easy once you try and the blushing face? Because I was really embarrassed from saying such a line.


But it looked like it worked and she became silent as if pondering what to do.

"…*sigh Okay but only when I'm around. And you will only get a wooden sword, you can not use a real sword."

That works too.

"Thank you sister Teresa!"

Then she hugged me.

"Promise me that you will be careful."

"I promise."

"Good. Wait here."

Then she went upstairs, to the storage I presume and came back with a wooden sword.

"Here. And don't forget you promised to be careful."

"Don't worry I won't and thank you!"

I took the sword and went outside to practice Sword God Style.

"Kylnyn! Come! We're playing hide and seek!"

"You continue playing Elyssa, I will practice with my sword."

"Practice with sword? Boring! Come play with us!"

"Maybe next time."

"…Okay then…"

After I rejected playing with her, she went back to the other kids with a sulk on her face. Clearly upset.

'Not my problem. I have more important stuff than playing with kids.'

I found a place with nobody around and started swinging the wooden sword.

I had the knowledge in my brain on how to use the skill except for active ones but I needed to strengthen my basics first.

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