21 Soulseeker

The next day, Kylnyn woke up refreshed and went downstairs to grab something to eat.

"Good morning. Can I have breakfast please?"

"Sure. On the way."

The innkeeper from before served Kylnyn his breakfast and Kylnyn finished it all without uttering a single word.

Even though it was a simple breakfast woth a bread and eggs, he was used to dried rations throughout his journey so it felt like the breakfast was a luxury he couldn't afford until now.

After eating his breakfast, Kylnyn left the Smiling Skeever inn, and walked in the streets of Laksy leisurely.

"Sir! I finally found you." The player from before, Frenzy, found Kylnyn after searching for him for a long time so he was excited upon the notion of buying experience points again.

"Oh, it is you. What do you need?"

'Man, this game is really something else. The NPCs remember the players when they come back again.' Frenzy thought in wonder about the AI of the game.

"I brought you some more coins."

"Oh great. I will reward you once again per coin."

"Here sir, I sold some of the stuff I don't use. It is not much, but it is honest work." Frenzy gave Kylnyn 30 coins again while leaving himself with 10 coins to buy his supplies.

"Thank you adventurer. Your help won't remain unrewarded."

Frenzy leveled up once again with EXP he bought and thanks to that he was more and more motivated to grind nonstop.

He didn't share any information about this secret NPC to not share the profits with anybody else. The NPC was his secret EXP shop that nobody knew.

After buying his EXP, Frenzy went to grind some more. Since he leveled up, he could kill the monsters easier and that ables him to earn more money, which he can use to buy more EXP, which in turn will make him stronger, which will make him able to earn more money. An endless cycle!

After seeing the player off, Kylnyn spent the rest of the day doing nothing but relaxing his mind and body.

The next day, he woke up feeling even better than yesterday, ate his breakfast and left towards his destination. The Dungeon of Soulseeker.

After riding two days on horseback, he finally managed to reach the dungeon.

"Halt! This area is off limits. The dungeon is close by, if you value your life, turn back."

But there were guard stationed at every corner. It was literally impossible to sneak past them, not that sneaking was Kylnyn's best suit.

"I came here to try my chance with the dungeon." So Kylnyn decided to be honest and tell the reason why he was here.

"*Sigh how many times did this happen until now?" With a sigh, the guard looked at Kylnyn in pity. "Look, young man, you are still at the prime of your life. You don't need to throw it away like this for minimal survival chance. Yes I know, danger comes in hand with success but you don't need to take the hard way. There have been almost fifty people trying to enter the dungeon and take their chances but none returned. If you are lacking in money I can lend you some and find you a job at the barracks, then you can pay your debt but don't throw away your chance like this."

The guard kept on talking and talking as if he was actually grieving for the loss of the fifty lives. And for the well being of Kylnyn, whom he had never met before.

'What a kind soul. But he talks too much!' Kylnyn thought.

"Mister thank you for your warning. But I still want to try my chance."

*Sigh "I knew that you would choose that, like everyone else. Go on, you can try your chance." The guard lifted the barriers put around the dungeon and beckoned Kylnyn to enter.

"Thanks. Can I learn your name?"


"Mister Cardin, when I return from the dungeon, let me buy you a beer."

*Sigh "Make that two."

"Sure. Two it is." With that Kylnyn entered the dungeon without looking back.

The dungeon was filled with a strong stench. It was a stench that could force you to vomit whatever you had in your stomach completely.

It was as if something was rotten and it was scattered everywhere in the dungeon so that its smell could permeate everywhere.



There was a sticky liquid at the bottom of his feet.

Kylnyn couldn't quite get the color but it was reddish black kinda.

'It must be blood, and the stench is coming from the corpses.' Kylnyn deduced based on the information he got from Saint Germain and his surroundings.

There was an eery feeling in the air which made Kylnyn get goosebumps every now and then.

After walking for a while, Kylnyn found a group of corpses shredded to pieces and thrown around.

"These must be the adventurers." Kylnyn pitied them for a moment but continued walking ahead.

The adventurers must have come here knowing full well that it would be dangerous and their lives could be taken with a single mistake. So, Kylnyn decided not to care about them for now and focus on his current mission.

If he couldn't kill Soulseeker, he would end up just like those adventurers too.


After walking for another five minutes or so, Kylnyn started hearing voices coming from ahead.

He summoned his armor, double checked his thunder essences and got ready for a fight.

Kylnyn continued walking carefully and finally reached a large area full of shredded corpses lying around.


Even though Unshakable gave him immunity towards abnormal status conditions like nausea, he closed his nose on reflex from the gory sight.

Blood filled the area completely, human and monster heads were thrown around, pieces of flesh could be seen and wailings could be heard.


Pleas for salvation could be heard at every corner of the area but Kylnyn gave his full focus to the monstrosity before him.

It was around ten meters tall, had a huge mouth with jagged teeth in the middle of its body, huge muscly arms and legs with the head of a skeleton. This monstrosity was Soulseeker.


Soulseeker took notice of another fly entering its domain and roared in anger filled with crazed hunger.

Kylnyn decided not to wait for the monster and struck first.



The skill took a chunk from its muscly arms but the monster didn't even pay it any heed and continued running towards Kylnyn.




With every step, the monster shook the ground and attacked Kylnyn with its fists.


Kylnyn dodged the attack and tried focusing on attacking the same spot where he hurt the monster before, only to find it completely healed.

So he opted for the second option, create a weak spot again.



The monster was strong and had great defense and regeneration but it was slow. It couldn't match Kylnyn's speed.

So Kylnyn's attack reached the monster and chopped the left leg of the monster.


Soulseeker lost it balance and fell down. It tried to get up with its arms but Kylnyn didn't let it do so.



With two slashes, Kylnyn cut off its arms too.



And with a final attack, he cracked the skull of Soulseeker open.

The huge body of the monster went limp under his blade.

"No. It can't be this easy."

Kylnyn felt ominous from being able kill Soulseeker this easily. No boss monster could be easy, that was what he found out in his adventures. And this was even a monster who killed countless adventurers.

Yes, Kylnyn was stronger than an average adventurer but he didn't think he was at the level of veteran adventurers.

And lack of any notification about level ups or obtaining a Mark made him feel uneasy.

So he put a distance with himself and the monster and put up his guard for any sudden movements.



The shadow of the Ice Maiden, the woman he killed in the ice castle, appeared with his command.

Kylnyn didn't summon Eden previously because he wanted to train himself in harsh conditions and get stronger quickly that way, but the current situation made him uneasy so he summoned her without any choice.

There was actually another reason why he didn't summon her, the reason was, this power and his class came from a completely unknown origin.

The Legendary class was a never even heard of before. So the skeleton from before couldn't be normal.

What he did was basically necromancy, and he knew from the novels he read from his previous life that those who deal with necromancy didn't end up good. So, he was basically hesitating on whether to use this power.

What if he ultimately turned into a skeleton and ended up as the common enemy for all of Gaia and the players?

It was okay if it was him alone, he could raise an army of dead and continue the battle forever since the shadows are immortal but what about Elyssa?

What would she do if it became like that?

He didn't want to know the answer, so, he stopped thinking about that and focused on the corpse of the monster once more.









While he was looking at the monster, Eden started throwing ice needles at the humans or monsters that were still living, ending their lives.

Kylnyn didn't stop her and let her as she pleased. He was not gifted with magic so there could be something only she could see since she was a magician.


And as expected, Soulseeker awoken once more and regenerated its limbs. But this time, the thickness of its limbs were twice as before.

'Does it strengthen itself after every death?' Kylnyn thought.

'If so, this is gonna be a pain in the ass. Fuck it.'


He was hesitant before but the situation didn't allow him to be hesitant anymore.

If Soulseeker continues to revive after every death while strengthening itself, Kylnyn would be out of gas and die sooner or later.

'But it can not continue to revive endlessly. There must be a trick somewhere. Either a limited amount of revival or a weak point. But the problem is, I have to continue fighting for a while and it will tire me out quickly if I am the one who does the fighting.'

So he ordered the shadows soldiers to attack and waited for the optimal time.

Shadows were mostly Normal grade, thought there were some Elite shadows, none could match the strength of Eden.

'So, Normal is the lowest followed by Elite and currently highest is Eden, which is Knight. They didn't require a name so, giving a name must be starting from Knight grade onwards.' Kylnyn deduced based on the ranks of shadows.

While he was thinking about the ranks of shadows, the fight was going on in full throttle.

Shadows were dying quickly, but they revived endlessly so, the fight was in a stalemate currently.

Shadows required his mana to continuously revive, while Kylnyn handle losing some mana, if this dragged on, it could be dangerous too if he was forced to fight without mana.

But Kylnyn still chose to wait.



Soulseeker struck the ground with its fists furiously and scattered the shadows. It locked its gaze on Kylnyn and dashed towards him with his huge body.




Kylnyn took a moment to gaze upon the truck heading towards him and dodged just in time before its fist hit him.

'Tch! If you want something done, do it yourself.'

He realized that the only shadow who could damage Spulseeker was Eden, Kylnyn pulled out his sword once more.

'Let's see how many times you can revive.'



His previous attack which cut its leg off couldn't cut more than half of its leg now.

But Kylnyn didn't let it be and swung his sword again to cut the leg off once more.


He managed to cut the leg off once more and took a step back to get out of the glacier which was headed towards Soulseeker's head.


Glacier split the skull open and Soulseeker's body went limp once more.

Kylnyn was about to cut its body but Soulseeker woke up much more earlier this time.


It got up with its leg regenerated again with what appeared to be a bone armor this time.



Bone spikes grew from its spike and hit Kylnyn directly which threw him away from the force of the attack.

Some of the spikes managed to pierce through his armor and hit his body directly.

Kylnyn took of the spikes and put up his guard once more. While thanking Unshakable in his mind. If not for this talent, he could have been disoriented from the attack but it didn't effect his battle prowess.




Kylnyn struck with his sword but Soulseeker got faster than before and countered his attack with its bone covered fist.

Kylnyn dodged the fist and got closer to the monster attacking the weak points in the bone armor.

There were always weak points in armors, like armpits. Armpits could not be covered with armor because that would completely block the mobility of the arms.




'Oh? It started to feel pain.'

Soulseeker started to feel pain from its last evolution, because feeling pain was kind of a boon too. Previously it couldn't even feel when its head was cut off but now, because it could feel the attack, it could locate the location of Kylnyn easily.


Kylnyn was unprepared for the incoming attack of Soulseeker and tried to block it with his sword but Eden was faster and created an ice wall right in front of him.

Ice wall shattered but Kylnyn was unscathed.

'Well done Eden.'

Kylnyn praised Eden in his mind and brandished his sword once again.



With his slash, Kylnyn severed the arm once more and continued on with the rest of its limbs.

While Kylnyn focused on attacking, Eden focused on protecting him.

They made a great duo and continued with creating wound throughout its whole body.

Soulseeker regenerated from light wounds easily but the regeneration was getting slower and slower which gave Kylnyn hope.

The rest of the shadows were useless against the monster so Kylnyn decided to dissolve the shadows to save up on his mana for later use.

They kept regenerating and attacking Soulseeker but their attacks didn't even put a scratch on its body, and they died with a single attack.


Kylnyn managed to cut the head once more but Soulseeker didn't even fall this time and regenerated its head instantly.

It opened the huge mouth in the middle of its body and started vacuuming everything in the area.


Everything that ended up in its mouth got shredded into pieces.

Kylnyn struck his sword on the ground and braced himself against the attack.


Finally the vacuum ended and Soulseeker closed its mouth while corpses were still inside, shredding them to pieces too.

Kylnyn didn't miss this chance while Soulseeker was immobile currently and attacked the joints on its legs.




With two slashes, Soulseeker was brought to its knees and a slash to its neck did the work.

Or it should have, if it didn't raise its arms to block its neck.


Kylnyn's sword was stuck in the arm of the monster and he tried to pull it out to no avail.



Eden couldn't create the wall in time this time and Kylnyn was struck with its fist.

*Cough* "Dammit."

Kylnyn coughed up blood from the attack, his innards were a mess but he could still continue the fight thanks to Unshakable.

But didn't have Muramasa this time. It was still stuck in the arm of Soulseeker.

So, Kylnyn took a simple sword lying around close to him and put up his guard.

His left arm was broken too but he endured the pain.

He could still feel the pain, but he could endure them thanks to Unshakable giving him immunity.

Spulseeker regenerated its legs and got up once more and gazed upon Kylnyn.

While it was completely focused on Kylnyn, Eden completed her spell and cast it around Soulseeker.

It was the blizzard she used on Kylnyn before.


Soulseeker's vision was obstructed and mobility was lowered thanks to the storm.

While it was busy trying to get out of the storm, Eden rained needles and glaciers on the body of Soulseeker to obstruct it further to gain her master some more time.

'Ugh this shit hurts. Rose, you are pretty useless aren't you!' Meanwhile Kylnyn prepared himself for his final attack while cursing Rose's uselessness.

She hasn't responded to him ever since the skeleton appeared and before that she only helped him out at Arid Moonlight dungeon.

'Your rent is overdue!'

After releasing his stress while cursing Rose, Kylnyn dashed towards Soulseeker while it was still distracted.

He entered the storm and endured the freezing cold. Jumped on its arms and continued running without losing his balance and finally reached its head.

'Please work!'

[Swallow Reversal]




With all three slashes connecting with its head, it crumbled into pieces.


After a few seconds, Spulseeker's body went limp and dropped on the ground.


With its body, Kylnyn, who had no more energy left was thrown on the ground also.

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Energy Charge]


He didn't use Energy Charge previously because he wasn't sure whether he could kill Soulseeker with this attack, but since he got the level up notifications, it must be finally dead and Kylnyn could finally relax.

[Sword God Style proficiency reached 50%]

[You have acquired a new Talent!]

[You have acquired a new Mark!]


-Heart of Fearlessness

When fighting against a strong enemy, you gain additional stat points.

When the enemy's level is lower than 5 levels above you, this ability does not trigger; When the enemy is 5 levels above, you gain 25% bonus stat points; When the enemy is 10 levels above, you gain 35% bonus stat points; When the level difference is above 20, you gain 50% bonus stat points.


-Mark of Soulseeker

Make use of mana to proliferate cells, heal wounds, and convert MP into HP at the ratio of 1:5. Recovery rate capped at 28% of total HP per second.

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