8 Slayer

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[You reached level 10. You can pick one of the classes below.]

-Strider (Basic)

-Soldier (Basic)

-Fighter (Basic)

-Dark Magician (Basic)

-Cleric (Basic)

-Kahuna (Basic)

-Sorcerer (Basic)

-Breeder (Basic)

-Spell Singer (Basic)

-Slayer (Unique)

I finally managed to reach level 10 and saw the classes I could pick.


A new class was added among the basic ones. And it was a Unique rank class.

I didn't even think and chose Slayer.

'Please don't let it be a magician class.'

[You have chosen Slayer.]

[Stat Point will be allocated according to your class.]

[Kylnyn Isia]


[Level: 10 0/5000]









[You have acquired a new Skill!]

[You have acquired a new Talent!]

[You have acquired a new Talent!]



*Proficiency: 0%

All ATK damage is given a bonus of 100% of M.ATK. Toggle buff.

Cooldown: None

MP Cost: 2 MP/Sec


-Shadowforged Plating

CON to HP ratio is increased to 1-15 from 1-10.

INT to MP ratio is increased to 1-20 from 1-10

-Creature Mastery

You can contract two monsters at the same time.


As expected from a Unique rank class. It didn't disappoint.

"Hmm I feel as if you got suddenly stronger, did you acquire a class?"

"Yes. Finally."

"Good for you. Now get back to work. Those skeletons won't kill themselves."

With that I went back to my job and cleared the surroundings.


It's been a month since I've got here and all I've been doing is clearing the monsters around the hut and training my skills.

Thanks to that, I reached 10% proficiency with Swallow Reversal and 5% proficiency with Envenom.

I still couldn't use Swallow Reversal but Envenom became a useful addition to my skill set but its mana cost was a problem for long battles.

Right now I was sitting with Hector in the hut and eating dried rations.

"Hey, Hector."


"Why are you always here? I know you don't want me to stick my nose into you business but, in the month I've been here, I've never seen anyone come here, nor seen you talk to anybody. What are you trying to achieve here? What is your goal?"

"…When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it. I had time but I did not know it. And I had love, but I did not feel it. Many decades would pass before I understood the meaning of all three. Now, in the twilight of my life, misunderstanding has passed into contentment. Love, liberty, and time, once so disposable, are fuels that drive me forward to at least correct some of my wrongdoings. Do you understand now? Once you lose it, it's never coming back."


He spoke with such melancholy that I was forced into silence. And in the silence I thought of the person I couldn't see in this month.


We have been always together before this, and I didn't know when I will be able to see her again.

And all the people I didn't bother knowing before to train myself.

All the other kids from the Honorhall Orphanage, I wonder how they are doing right now.

Maybe they became farmers and are safe or they became adventurers and their corpses are in the alleys of cities where they will not be easily found.

'Did you have to do me like that Hector?'

"Don't think so hard about that. Life your life without any regrets. That is all there is. Enjoy your moment."

"Thanks, I will keep that in mind."

"I see that you are getting ready for your journey."

"Yes. I feel like I can finally go back."

"Good luck with that."


Then I got up to go to sleep to be energized for my journey tomorrow.

"Before you go, would you like to listen to story from an old man?"

"…I have time."

Then I sat back again and looked towards Hector.

"A long time ago Deva and Asura, who were sent to the earth by the gods themselves, helped the Gaians to create their new world.

They imparted not only many technologies to build civilization but also new knowledge to guide the Gaians.

One day, the Deva and Asura told the Gaians the story of their ancestors' collapse - they were shocked.

Their ancestors, once called 'The Ancient' and guided by the apostles of the gods, were able to build a brilliant civilization. With their knowledge they build warp gates which allowed them to travel to wherever they wished - even to the gods themselves.

However, their affluent knowledge soon brought arrogance and greed among them, which led to a revolt against the gods who treated the Gaians in grace.

The gods didn't let those actions just be and punished all the Gaians - destruction was awaiting all of them. They summoned the hideous god of destruction 'Schumarz' who then destroyed each and everyone of the Ancient, making their civilization vanish from Gaia.

After that, the Gods cursed the remaining humans with the 'Curse of Foolishness' to prevent them from getting arrogant for their knowledge and revolt against the gods again. They also released ugly monsters into Gaia to interrupt human's comfortable life.

After the Gaians heard this story from the two apostles of God, Deva and Asura, they were shiverring with fright.

How ignorant we could be!

How arrogant we could be!

We might had to live in the darkness forever for our own mistake.

How graceful the apostles are to forgive us once again in their mercy!

Now, Deva and Asura guide the Gaians to live a peaceful life.

Two religions were created, one called the 'Road of Brighton' - a religion that worships the god of light, taking control over creation. The other one called the 'Dusk' - a religion that worships the god of darkness, taking control over extinction.

Both religions agreed to create a bible in which they wrote down everything, so that history won't repeat again.

But still, something was not quite right. Something was bothering everyone. Something was about to happen...

Thousands of years after Deva and Asura came down to Gaia, sent by the gods themselves to create a blooming civilization, there was a young man living in a small town near Rondo.

One day, when he was on his way home from a hunt, he met a young female traveler who asked the man for the way to the next Inn. The man told her that the next town is not far and that it has an Inn. He told her that he was returning from his hunt and offered her to go to the town together. The young woman agreed and they both walked to the town.


While walking to the town they didn't exchange any words. Sometimes the man looked over to the woman, it looked like he was about to say something, but then he looked away again. Sometimes the woman did the exact same thing, but always when she looked away, she smiled.

After a while the man noticed this and asked her what would was so funny. She walked ahead a bit, then turned around, and

smiled at the man. Then she turned around again and walked next to him for the rest of the way to the town. Both felt something warm in their hearts.


After they arrived in the town, the woman stayed there for a long time. It didn't take long and they talked to each other. It didn't take long until they laughed together. Eventually, they lived together. They discovered their love for each other and got married.


They both were no ordinary humans. The man was a Deva and the mayor of the town. The woman an Asura, who was banished from her tribe for practicing forbidden magic.

One day the man and the woman discovered that their magical powers are even greater when used together. So they decided to leave the town and train themselves in using that powerful force.

Day after day they practiced magic. Day after day their characters changed more and more. Until everything began to break.

In exchange for the great power they gained, they lost a part of their sanity every time they used their combined magical powers.

Eventually, they lost almost all of their sanity and started to use their magic to harm others. When they began to destroy villages and towns, the countries spoke a death penalty upon them. That was when the man slowly started to gain back a part of his sanity and tried to stop his wife, but he couldn't. In the end she lost all of her sanity and even killed her husband without hesitation.

This was, when the age of the 'Witch' began.

The Witch's fearful power frightened entire Gaia. There were stories that she used her power to kill a mighty monster in one blow, which was about to destroy a whole town. Also, it was told that she could bring the dead back to life. There were a lot of stories about her abilities, but no one was sure of what she was actually capable of. But one thing seemed to be sure, she used her powers for evil purposes.


As an Asura, the witch was an apostle of god. Words of her actions spread fast and she was soon called a betrayer and godless witch. But even if she was banished by the Asura, Deva and Asura tried to keep the Witch's identity hidden from the Gaians to stabilize the world. But, such an agreement was not easily achivable - the situation went too far already.


Confusion started to grow. A few people started to accept the Witch and followed her. That was when the witch made her next move. She spread her 'truth' to the world:

"The Gods you are serving are not who you are picturing them to be! In their eyes you are all playthings. They didn't send Asura and Deva to help Gaians. Gaians already built an advanced civilization themselves! They were just jealous and destroyed it and sent Asura and Deva to not let you build it again. That civilization was built by 'The Ancient' whom you all regard as your 'self-destructing and shameful Ancestors'!"

Those words spread through the world fast. In the beginning, only a few people listened to this assertion. However, the words spread and changed people's way of thinking. The more her words spread, the more people followed her and the more power the Witch gained.

The allied forces of Deva, Asura and Gaia began to take action. Their first steps were to prohibit everyone from telling any witch-related stories. After that the true hunt began.

The allied forces sent their best troops to capture the Witch alive. The witch's followers of course defended her and so a lot of people died unnecessary deaths.


Altough Deva's strongest temple knights and Asura's most skilled assassins were sent out, the witch and their followers were able to withstand them. Reports tell that, during the hunt, the Witch used such powerful magic that it even split the heavens.


It was a long battle, but in the end the Witch and her followers couldn't withstand the sheer numbers of the allied forces.


In the end, the Witch was captured and led to the court. She was sentenced to death, to be burnt at the stake, for her disruption of the world. The judges did not respond to any of the questions regarding 'truth' the witch spoke of. They did not confirm, nor they denied it.


Many people joined her execution and watched how she was burnt at the stake.

Some people say that in her last moments she cursed each and every living thing in the world.

Others say she didn't even mutter a word, she didn't even scream while she was burnt.


However, since that day the story of the 'Witch' was long forgotten in the annals of history. Never to be remembered again."

"I remember reading in a history book that, Deva, Asura and Gaia are no more because people married between races."

"That's right. It was a long time ago that people were differentiated according to their races but now there is only one race, which is humans. At that time, every person could only choose classes depending on their races but now everyone can choose what they want to be. But the churches of Brighton and Dusk still remains."

"But what about the Witch? Is she really dead?"

"Who knows? There some truths that lives and truths that dies. We can not be too sure."

"I see. Thanks for telling me this Hector."

"All I did was tell a story. No need to think about it too much. Go to sleep."

I did as he said and went to sleep, leaving Hector to his thoughts.

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