5 Classes

I've been in academy for five years now and I'm eighteen years old same with Elyssa.

Today is the last day of our class and finally our adventurer life will start.

"What are thinking?"

"Nothing much. Just that our life will finally start."

"Yeah I know right. Time passed so quickly."

And as you can guess this is Elyssa. I don't know how this is possible maybe because this is a magical world but she became so beautiful that even I am having troubles holding myself. My only saving grace is that mentally I'm older than eighteen and that she is younger than me. But most of the time I can hardly hold on.

Her emerald eyes would sparkle whenever we are speaking and her silver hair gave her an ethereal feeling. And even though she was a magician she didn't quit her training with me and her body is to die for.

Nearly every boy in the academy proposed to her but she always turned them down and I got fair share of troubles because of her too.

A dude called the young master of Peng clan tried to threaten me to stay away from her but a few broken bones here and there took care of the trouble.

I was very famous too. My black hair tied up in a ponytail and my golden eyes were looking cool as hell and not to brag but I had my fans too.

Also being the strongest in the academy also helped with that I presume.

"I wonder how sister Teresa doing."

"Yeah I wonder about that too. We should find a time to visit her. I'm sure she missed us a lot."

"Yeah I agree. Did you hear from the others from the orphanage?"

"No. Never seen them too."

"I see them going to class sometimes."

"Well, I never cared about them to be honest."

"Yeah you were always the weird one out."

"Look who is talking. You wouldn't leave my side when you were little. Good times."

"Shut up. We are the same age."

"It might be so for yo-ugh!"


I didn't expect her to attack me with her elbow while talking and she caught me off guard.

"You deserved it."

"Are you sure you are a magician? What is with that strength?"

"Hah! It is a spell I created how is it? I call in Enhance. It is a physical buff."

Seriously? Creating a spell without acquiring a class? Is she a some type of monster genius?

Yes we still haven't acquired our classes.

To acquire a class you needed to reach level 10. The other didn't have a system like me so they couldn't see the numbers but they could feel it. To level up you needed to kill monsters but they didn't let us hunt monsters currently. First contract must be done with a pure mana or whatever shit they said.

"You are finally here be quick class is starting."

While talking we reached the class and took our seats and the teacher came just in time.

"Hello class, as you know this will be our final lesson. Tomorrow will be day you will make your first contracts with creatures. But today we will talk about the possible classes you can choose once you reach level 10. For those who want to choose a warrior class, there are;




Striders are known for their deadly attacks and fast speed. Soldiers are known for their high defense and high regeneration and Fighters are known for their brute strength and versatility.

For those who want to be mage;

Dark Magician



Dark Magicians are the most offensive among the mages while Clerics are known for their healing and buffs while Kahunas are right in the middle. While they have offensive spells they also have healing and buffing spells, jack of all trades, master of none basically.

For those who want to focus on monsters and want to be summoner class;



Spell Singer

Sorcerers are more focused on battle among the three classes. They can sacrifice the summoned creatures to strengthen themselves or heal themselves. Breeders are the most reliant on their creatures while the Spell Singers are right in the middle again.

Take note that these are the basic classes and your path isn't defined with these. When you find your own path, your acquired classes will start to show their differences.

You will choose a class when you reach level 10 and your second class upgrade will take place at level 50. Don't forget this and choose carefully. Even though basic classes will not define your future, at least they will build the foundations.

Any questions?"



"Good. You are dismissed. Don't forget to attend the graduation party tonight and I wish you success in your lives."

"Thank you!"

Elyssa and I left the classroom together and arrived at her house.

Yes her house. She took the first place and got to own a House of her own while I'm freeloading here.

"Kylnyn did you decide on a class?"

"Hmm, I'm sure I won't be choosing a magician class that one is for sure. Between warrior and summoner classes, I'm more inclined towards warrior rather than summoner but we'll see when We reach level 10. What about you?"

"I'm sure I won't be choosing a summoner class that I'm sure but I'm stuck between warrior and magician."

"Don't be an idiot. Choose magician."

"You think so too?"


"But I'm good at magic and if I choose warrior I can balance them."

"Being jack of all trades would be good at the beginning but later on specialized classes will whoop your ass. So, rather than balancing them choose your specialty but don't forget to train your body either."

" I see. That makes sense. Thanks for your help. Now I gotta prepare for the party."

"Yeah yeah whatever."

Then she left to her room and I was left to my thoughts.

The years I spent in academy weren't for naught.


[Kylnyn Isia]

[Level: 1 0/50]










-Sword God Style

•Proficiency: 25%

A swordsmanship style that is famous for their light speed sword draw. But make no mistake, the first attack is just a greeting.








I reached 25% proficiency with Sword God Style and acquired two new skills.


Deals 7x damage to a targeted enemy.


MP Cost:200


Return all attacks for 0.5 seconds with 100% of the power.


MP Cost:150

Both of them were great skills but most importantly I gained a new talent.


-Advanced Luck Glow

Increases the probability of beneficial or lucky things happening to you by a large amount.

-Basic Sword Sense

Increases the total amount of effects done with a sword increases by 1.5x

Basic sword sense increased the total amount by 150%!

So if I deal 700 damage with pinnacle, with basic sword sense, that amount becomes 1050!

Literally an op skill.

And it is not limited with damage increase.

When I used Revolve before it returned all attacks for 0.5 seconds, but when I used it after I acquired Basic Sword Sense, it became 0.75 seconds!

Good thing I didn't let up on my sword training and acquired it.

And this was the reason I was confused between warrior path and summoner path. But after talking to Elyssa I made up my mind.

I'm gonna choose warrior class.

It was the same situation with me.

Choose a speciality or be a jack of all trades. It became clear after talking to Elyssa.

Now enough with the thoughts, I gotta prepare for the party too.

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