19 Beacon

{A new hand touches the beacon.}

As soon as Elyssa touched the orb, an authoritative voice sounded in her ears.

It was as if the voice was ringing in her head but at the same time she could hear it from everywhere.

{Listen. Hear me and obey, a foul darkness has seeped into the world. A darkness that you will destroy.}

{Return my beacon to Ivory Tower. And I will make you the instrument of my cleansing light.}

"I refuse."

{You can not refuse mortal. I am blessing you by giving you a task.}

"But I still refuse. I have more important business to do."

{You foolish mortal. You will gain power beyond your understanding by becoming my champion.}

"I don't care about powers that I will get by following or submitting to someone. So don't waste your breath on me whoever you are. I gotta go."

{I am giving you one more chance mortal. Because I am the merciful and benevolent Meridia. But if you still choose to act foolishly, I will have you hunted down for your disrespect!}

"Try me."

Elyssa didn't give a shit about the voice and stored Abhuva's body in her storage too.

{Mortal! You will wish you had surrendered to me!}

Then the voice was gone and the white orb crumbled to dust.

"What a bitch."

Elyssa shrugged off the weird conversation with the voice and looked for any other clues on Kylnyn's whereabouts.

"There are traces of his mana but it ends here. Strange."

Elyssa toured around the hall to find any other clues but it was futile.

Tracks ended here.

"Don't tell me…Another forced teleportation? *Sigh goddamit Kylnyn."

She reached that conclusion since she couldn't find any other clues and searched for any spatial transference signs.

Since her class was Void Magician, she was attuned to space and it came naturally to her.

In no time, she found the tracks of spatial transference and located the exact coordinates.

"Here we go again."


With that, she teleported to the location where the transference occurred.

"This place feels familiar…Wait…Isn't this place supposed to be where the orphanage was? What happened here?"

Earth was scorched, trees were burnt down, ashes were everywhere. It was a total disaster.

While looking around, she noticed the graves. There were seven in total and one in particular had a tombstone.

It wrote;

Sister Teresa Codric

"And the rest of the graves must belong to the children in the orphanage. Kylnyn must have made these. From the residues of mana, it must be a dragon. But it is not a white dragon, something else…Luna do you know anything?"


"Figures…Kylnyn must know something about this, I will learn the truth when I find him."

She then looked upwards and closed her eyes.

"Sister Teresa…I'm sorry for not being here for you, but even if I was, I wouldn't be able to do anything. I may seem heartless but it is the cruel truth. But don't worry, I will continue to get stronger and stronger until there won't be anyone to match my might. Then I will find the one who did this and obtain your justice. I won't cry, nor will I be furious. Intense emotions will cloud my mind right now, but I will definitely avenge you. Until then, please forgive my heartlessness."

She may seem heartless but it was the truth. It was called being rational. Even though searching for Kylnyn like this was irrational, she couldn't bring herself to only wait for him.

She needed to find him herself. When it came to Kylnyn, she couldn't bring herself to be rational. She would feel uneasy unless she saw him being fine with her own eyes.

She could still watch him with the mirror before, and that eased her mind. But she couldn't do that now, and that made her always think of the worst.

He was strong, he was talented, he would be fine by himself, but she couldn't convince herself on this topic.

Now she made an enemy out of a god, and she was probably in more danger than Kylnyn, so it would be better to stop looking for him to not bring him any more trouble, since it was obvious that he was in some sort of trouble as well from these forced teleportations. But she knew that when they are together, they would be stronger.

"United we stand, divided we fall."

So, she opened her eyes with a renewed resolution.

Finding Nem- Kylnyn.

And never separate again.

"Let's go Luna."

She got on the back of her dragon and followed the traces of Kylnyn's mana.


"Finally here we are."

Kylnyn managed to reach the closest settlement in two weeks.

And he was glad to see other humans after all this while.

Of the people he had conversation with, one was a melancholic old man, the other was a weird time traveller, the last one was even a fucking skeleton.

Of course he would be happy for seeing other 'normal' humans.

He asked about this place to other people he saw on the road, and it was called Laksy.

The continent was called Gaia, and there were three main countries, the Land of Deva, which is in the North of Gaia, Rondo, which is in the Center of Gaia and finally the Land of Asura, which is in the South of Gaia.

Laksy, where Kylnyn was at currently, was in the Land of Deva. And Laksy was the city where the main headquarters of the Church of Brighton resided.

Three races were gone long ago, but their religions still existed like the Asuran's Dusk and Deva's Brighton.

"Halt! You need to pay two coins if you want to enter Laksy."

Kylnyn was stopped by the guard at the entrance and this made him realize an important crisis.

'I have no money!'

He was completely broke.

He didn't need money at the academy since everything was free for the students, he would have made money by going on quests at East Trainee's Village but he couldn't go there, after that was a mess of forced teleportations, and he didn't need money because he was trying to survive.

Now he was forced to acknowledge the cold hard truth of being broke.

The guard must have realized from his hesitation that the guy before him was completely broke and offered him another solution.

"If you do not have the money, I can record your name and you can pay it when you have it. But be warned, if you try to leave the city, bounty will be placed on your head by the authorities."

"That works perfectly for me."

"Okay then. Name?"

"Kylnyn Isia."

"Done. You can enter mister Kylnyn."

"Thank you."

As Kylnyn entered though the gates, he took in the sight of the city.

White was the dominant color followed by blue and gold. Houses were built out of marbles and decorated in gold and blue colors.

Adventurers were coming and going out of the city, street vendors were yelling to attract customers, priests were preaching about the church and stuff.

A typical city you would expect from an RP game.

But there was one thing that attracted his attention the most.

There were people with name tags on them.

Frenzy, Urban_Goose, Sh4d0wLicker, 8igD69, ChadThundercock…etc.

'So those are the players.'

Kylnyn understood with first glance that they were the players his system warned him about.

He didn't want to interact with the players since there was nothing he could gain from it, contrary to that, he had a lot to lose.

What if they realized that he wasn't an NPC in the game and a normal human?

Wouldn't they try to kill him to obtain loots from his corpse?

They would.

And he was sure about that.

Because they were players.

And anything goes in a game as long as it was fun.

So he decided not to interact with them but one player approached him suddenly.

Since trying to run away would be somewhat suspicious, he decided to listen what he was trying to say.

<Frenzy PoV>

It has been two weeks since the virtual reality game, Gaia, was open for beta and I have been grinding like mad to make some money.

Gaia Corporation, which released the game, managed to make a deal with the central bank and one coin was equal to one dollar in real life.

How they created this game is still out of my imagination. Everything is so lifelike.

NPCs are like real humans, you can feel the objects when you touch them as if you are really holding them in real life. Combat is completely realistic except for the magic and stuff.

All in all, it was a completely addictive game, equal to a new life.

And today, I have been grinding nonstop since morning, then decided to sell my loot to the merchant to make some money, but noticed an NPC standing in the middle of the road and looking around the city.

He looked like a beggar with his torn clothes, and I wouldn't have spared him another glance but when I saw his information, I changed my mind completely.

[Kylnyn Isia]

[Level: ???]

[Threat level: Fatal]

His level was question marks, which signified the level difference between him and me must be more than twenty levels. And his threat level was fatal.

I once saw the adventurer's guild leader of Laksy and his threat level was fatal too. But he was the guild leader and this guy was a man in a ragtag outfit.

He couldn't be an influential figure in Laksy since he was stopped by the guard.

Which means…He is a secret NPC.

He must have a secret quest he can give.

I was excited upon thinking about a secret quest and approached the man.

"Hello sir, is there anything I can help you with?"

<Frenzy PoV End>

"Hello sir, is there anything I can help you with?"

As soon as he heard the question from the player, an interface popped up in front of Kylnyn.

[NPC System]



He didn't have anything he could add for the shop section, so he chose the quests section.


As an NPC, you can give quests to players. Daily EXP max: 175.000

-Name of the Quest





•You can also create your own adventures as quest crystals and give them to the players as an instant dungeon.

•The rewards of the quest crystals will be automatically selected according to the difficulty of the quest.

*Rewards will be given by the system.

*You will gain 10% of the rewards players will acquire upon the completion of the quest crystals.

•You can give a class change quest.

Class: Kylnyn's Descendant (Unique)

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