The Legendary Samun: The Sun And The Moon Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Legendary Samun: The Sun And The Moon


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What is fight for you? Fight for staying? Fight for life? Or Fight for love? What life you can have on time that once you enter this place when all your need and only choice is to fight? "You can win if you know how to fight, but if you don't you might lose" Being a warrior or a soldier or a hero are very hard responsibility and obligation. You will do everything to have peace in your mind and also in your heart. Even if you your life will be at risk and your life will be in danger at the battle-field. "You will be the protector of the deffenseless" What if a great fighter and a famous slayer took his mission without any doubt or hesitations just to see, just to search his lost pieces, his missing part?? But what if you successfully found, but this lost pieces and missing part can't remember you?? Didn't even know you?? And haven't feel before the same way too?? Everyone can "wish that will be granted but has changed in return" Many challenge, sore trials, opposing and wandering battles needs to be taken. Every wants, decisions, and choices needs to be chosen.


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