695 Army State and Holiday Target

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After hanging up, Han Xiao did not continue to repair his mechanical suit. He left the workshop, went to the command room, and summoned all the officers of the fleet for a meeting.

Cleaning the battlefield did not require constant monitoring from the officers. After the order was issued, the officers of the fleets came to the flagship one after another, gathering in the command room. As they entered, they all nodded at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao nodded to greet his own officers as well. The listless Lagi; the reliable Herlous; the grown-up Sylvia; the reckless Harmon; and Karmbe, Marian, and Misecech.

Other than the officers of the army, there were also a few other Section Zero members in the expedition fleet. Having fought alongside each other for half a year, they were all very familiar with each other.

When everyone had arrived, Han Xiao knocked the table. The sound of chatting suddenly disappeared completely as everyone looked over.

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