The Legendary Mech Army
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The Legendary Mech Army

Lu Qiu

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What is The Legendary Mech Army

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“What time is it?” Jiang Li wakes up and finds himself in a strange room. He accidentally transmigrates with a game, Legendary Mech Army, to the Super Fantasy World, becoming the chief of the Sirius Gang. With energy points he gets from converting different kinds of materials, he creates a mech army in the fantasy world and gains dominance, crushing his enemies with his army, ultimately becoming invincible.

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For some reason, after reading the title and the synopsis, the first thing that pops into my head is The Legendary Mechanic. Anyone else thought about Han Xiao?


Read to chapter 39 and I can say the novel is pretty good. There's a militaristic tone that starts later in which is very nice. The biggest weakness I can see is the lack of compelling side characters, it's mostly about the protagonist building his force.


Read about ten chapters. It's a decent waste of time but if you have absolutely anything else to do, it's probably better. Initially, I was most interested in this novel. Big, imposing mechas and mech pilots in a cultivation world? A bunch of supporting characters to use those Mechs? Them betraying him only to have their newfound power taken away when they lose their mech? Sounds interesting! But no. First, the translator seems to think the plural of Mech is Meches. Which just looks stupid. Secondly, once reading the description of the Mechs, you will realize they're actually androids! It's a completely different concept entirely! Instead of powering up weak supporting characters, he instead pulls shallow and obedient NPCs out of thin air to do his bidding. The story seems pretty shallow. Every pretty woman has died and the MC assumes they are bad. There was no actual investigation done, or questioning. He goes straight into murdering people without a question, from day one, and seems like a pretty rough person. So if you want to see a man, alone, building up an army of androids with shallow personalities, written by a translator who doesn't seem to care, based off of an author's writing I suspect was really equally as bad, go ahead. Just don't expect anything crazy, and you can't be disappointed.


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So, to start with.. an OK binge read.. dont expect much from this book.. First, MC is dumb.. can't plan ahead.. can't form a stable foundation.. can't gather loyalty.. can't try to learn more about the system or loop holes.. Second, World building is trash.. tons of gangs.. 1 for each street.. then you got 4 big gangs ruling over 20 gangs each.. then you have the army.. All sounds good.. well each big gang can only get 2,000 people?? in the last chapters these guys were dying in the 1,000's so?? ok (Each small gang has over 200 battle ready people.. so.. 200X 20 = 4,000 then you have the big gangs that need to rein in these gangs so they would need over 8,000 battle ready people.. so in the last battle there should have been over 48,000 just with the gangs.. the army would need 2.5X time that to rein all of that in so they would need over 120,000 people so the last battle count for this very large city with over 80 small gangs should have been over 170,000 battle ready people.. NOT only 8,000 people with all the gangs combined + 5,000 from army) Third, The system.. can be OP.. but nope.. in the end MC has over 600 basic mechs but they can't kill anything even when their enemies are normal people.. over 150 top tier MAX level.. can't even insta kill 1 enemy of the same level.. enemies can goku power up.. Forth, MC takes over gangs and then does nothing after.. all that ever happens is War and Pillaging.. no actual planing or thinking.. Fith, Every task needs 1 day to be done.. attack a gang? clean it tomorrow.. guys got taken? get them tomorrow.. someone has come to kill you.. kill them tomorrow.. Sixth, Dont bother remembering other peoples names.. 4 to 6 new names are added every battle MC has.. Lastly, In the last chapter of this (Chapter 60) I wrote examples of how the MC could progress faster and safer than war.. and how he has to personally kill over 10,000 people just to get 1 level 2 soul.. - Rise through the ranks with an elite team (Imperial Guards).. - Become a spymaster (you have secure, real-time communications over unlimited distance).. - Merchant (he's already a gang leader and only needs large quantities of cheap and low grade herbs.. high grade herbs don't give anything).. - Theft (even bandits know to loot merchents and why take over gangs? just steal the herbs and come back a month later there are over 80+ gangs).. - Trade between empires and continents/ sell information (MC has no obligations to stay where he is.. if anything sitting still is his biggest weakness).. - Create a herb guild/ mercenary guild (Level 1 basic costs like 1 herb.. you could easily just create a guild of 100,000 level 1's all over an empire and even if they die.. you get 50% back no matter the distance..) All with less risk and more benefits than straight up war.. Please reply if you can also think up more paths..


Reading the first 39 chapters. The main character transmigrates into another world with martial artist techniques. Not cultivators, but more like pugilists. He gets a system that's from the game he used to play before he transmigrated and is capable of making automatons to fight for him. So far there has only been the MC taking over gang territory to plunder resources in order to expand his automaton army. There are no side characters with much presence so far and it seems like the MC will be going solo, without in-depth interactions for thetime being. The only side characters are his underlings and they don't get much character depth other than being his subordinates. He quickly becomes a powerful force within the city he's in using the power of the automatons, so there isn't much struggle for him so far. He's not a genius martial artist who quickly levels up, although he does use lots of supplements like pills to increase his own power quickly. Overall, it has an interesting plot, the system looks good so far, and it quickly paces through the build up faze, although If you don't like fast paced novels then you probably won't like it much. Hoping this turns out worthwhile and that there are more interaction between the MC and side characters to add more depth to the story rather than it being only about plundering resources to expand his army.


WARNING !!!!!! Despite it's name , this novel is not anything similar to the legendary mechanic except it also deals with robots/mechs . the closest thing i can remember after reading this novel is mech emperor .a novel where the mc have a inheritance where he can create mech/robot to fight for him . he will plunder the planet resources to create power plant , factories ,and armies to conquer worlds and planes. I've read till chp 60, sofar so good .currently trying to find its mtl ,anyone got a clue ?


The author's a bloodthirsty psychopath. He has even written one into the story. It's basically: mechs, kill everyone, I will rule everyone, kill these leaders, kill this maid, kill that mistress....


Most people are probably going to think of the legendary mechanic but its pretty much nothing like that. MC transmigrated into a different world(not a game world) with a system. He absorbs herbs to gain points and uses those points to create mechanical soldiers. His cheat is giga OP and I see no harem or romance so far.


The translation is kinda out of place and needs to be like polished which doesnt look that hard and i hope they do fix the translation. not a bad story.


It's a meh for me Decent enough to pass your time and the quality of writing isnt that bad but isn't that good either It's progressing really fast and from my experience with Chinese novels, I don't need to read the Mtl to know it's jumping straight right in the rabbit hole that most Chinese novels jump into these days


It's... Boring. That's all there is to it. The translation is not unreadable but its kinda bad,the story is rushed and pretty repetitive(go to place, make enemy, kill enemy, get resources). The character design sucks, all characters are really dumb and 2D, they are as bad as these characters in old cliche cultivation novels. The protagonist is unlikable and is just copy paste with no personality besides having a "hobby" about murder. The world background is really average and is just a cultivation world, even the mech thing isn't original, Mechanical God Emperor came first and does it way better even if though its also cliche. The mechs don't really feel like mechs at all, and the author doesn't even respect his own rules.(First he says low level mechs have no intelligence, then he shows that low level mech being perfectly capable of normal speech and logical reasoning, as smart as normal person. He is just dumb because the author says so) Anyways this is just a cliche time waster novel that hooks in people with a good idea and just exploits the idea throwing around some cliche plots and pointless crap for word count. You will maybe like it if you are a new reader or if you just like to read cliche novels for some reason, but I'm tired of this kind of BS, This novel is not for me.


Anybody know the chinese name? Thanks


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


This book deserves more chapters —-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-


ok was I the only one who expected mechas here? by mechs this story is referring to androids or combat robots If you will. nevertheless this is not the reason I Jared this story. the reason is it has NO SOUL. AND THE STORY TELLING SUCKS. like the author is so bad at this, he has used the most irritating wuxia trope and magnified it a hundred times over. This story has nothing but killing, killing, and killing hundreds of random side characters each time a villain is killed two stringer ones stand up in its place. like some sort of levelling quest. the same repetitive cycle. for the first 40 chapters. the guys seems to be moving is a different direction towards the end bit that doesn't compensate the lack of story. I know almost nothing about the main character. who he was, what are his hopes and dreams. and the most important WHAT IS HIS MOTIVATION? WHY THE HELL IS HE FIGHTING SO HARD AND KILLING PEOPLE AROUND. no proper explanation given, the guy is like oh I was transmigrated, a face slap there another face slap here. he stands in my way kill! he looks ugly kill! he said something annoying kill! what normal person starts killing at the blink of an eye. without an even proper motivation to begin!


Reveal spoiler


80 chapters in and like a suspected at around chapter 20 it turned into crap. The author has obviously no idea of the concep of supply and demand as he can just repeated but these lower grade herbs at dirt cheap price with little rise in price. Like obviously when you suddenly buy large bulks of goods the price of those good will naturally rise. Not to mention in chapter 80 he manages to get 400,000 points worth of herbs. It was stated that 10 year old Ginseng is only worth 1pt so that would mean he got 4 MILLION Ginseng 10 year old ginseng. it’s not like they have large specialized ginseng farms that constantly produces them in large quantities and as far as i know they pick them in the wild. Not to mention the minimum growth period is 10 years.... I can go on but you get the point


Starting out this story isn't bad per se. My main problem with this novel is my problem with most Chinese novel's I've read. This story features an absolute blank as a Main character, who an any psychological test given in modern times is a complete psychopath. It doesn't even take him a second before he starts murdering those around him, without any evidence of wrongdoing. The author doesn't bother with giving anybody a real personality, opting to instead describe his characters as blood letting murderers .


I'm a fan of infinite army or immortal puppet. They're more trustful than the others living things in the novel. It's so convenient and stress relief. I mean, why not use the masses to control the government right?


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