The Legendary Hunter Book

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The Legendary Hunter


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On Earth, a thousand years ago, a so-called Great Disaster happened, in which many monsters appeared all over the planet. 70% of the earth’s population died in that disaster. However, after a few years of patience and a long military opposition against the monsters, people with extraordinary powers appeared, called Hunters. Hunters managed to subdue the monsters after a short time and became the saviors of mankind. After that, the state system disappeared, and the so-called Twelve Families appeared, families that rule the planet of mankind and administer its laws. These families descended from the blood of the twelve heroes and divided regions of earth among themselves. Mark Zoldak, the eldest son of the Zoldak family, one of the twelve families, was banished not from the family but from his mother planet because of a plot by his cousins. His punishment is to enter the artificial wormhole and end his miserable life. Witness his story that will change the fate of his universe. Hope enjoy


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