The Legendary Baka Warriors
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The Legendary Baka Warriors


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What is The Legendary Baka Warriors

The Legendary Baka Warriors is a popular web novel written by the author Elyon, covering R18, HAREM, GAME ELEMENTS, COMEDY, ROMANCE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 175.8K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 10 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 58 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kei, the 4th Son of the Earl of Ravencourt and self-proclaimed "handsome young master," is an eccentric person that likes to do what he does best; to wreck havoc wherever he goes! With the continent of Eleison in turmoil and in dire need of heroes; will Kei and his companions, the Legendary Baka Warriors, rise up to answer the call? Or will they add to the chaos and make the situation more dire? ------------------------------------- Meet and greet some of the aspiring authors of Webnovels. Join us on discord! https://discord.gg/sBHSFVm P.S I would like to thank Kana for giving me permission to use the cover. More power to you! I would also like to extend my sincerest thanks to RedPandaChick for going out of her way to help me edit my story even though she's very busy with work. Thank you very much for everything!


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Shameless Author here giving my novel a 5 star rating. This is my first novel in this platform and I hope that you will like the story that is born from my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. English is not my first language, so you are bound to see a lot of grammar mistakes. However, I will do my best and hopefully, I will get better as I write. Feel free to talk to me and leave your comments behind. If you really like the story, please leave a review. Without further ado, come! Enter a fantasy world filled with adventure, comedy, romance, drama, and suspense. A story that will bring a smile on your face when you need it the most. Welcome to the world of the Legendary Baka Warriors!


I only have one thing to say, Elyon is a mega big lolicon. To the lolis out there, be careful around him and his candies. Always get your phone ready to call on cops and you will be fine. Trust me, i'm your friendly neighborhood.


Quality of writing: 15 Stability of updating: 21 Story development: 100 Character design: 999,999 World background: 99 Amazing stuff, need more divine texts plz uwu.


Shameless reader here, giving this a 5 stars rating because of discord. Hey Elyon 😁😁😁😁😁😁 Havent really read the story but incest for the win lol. Also someone 140 words?


Just got to the last updated chapter and ... My GOD! I need more!! Is there a chance that we will see more updates from this amazing novel in the future?! Would hate to see it on a permanent hiatus T_T


Despite what the thing says, I made it well past chapter 1. I know you say English isn't your first language, but you write in English better than most native speakers I've read on this site, so well done. Your command of the language is excellent, and you should be proud of yourself for that. I don't know if you meant this story as a parody of the "arrogant young master" trope or not, but this reads like the best parody of that trope I've seen on this site. It's hilarious. I genuinely enjoyed reading this, and that trope makes me want to hurt someone any other time I've read it, so well done!


I will be honest, this novel is really good, in chap 1 I want to know what will happen in the other chaps, I love it! A great author! It almost looks like a translation of a popular Chinese novel!


Legendary Baka Warriors, a novel filled with humour that would make you laugh till you cry. The interactions between the MC and the others are sometimes silly but, don't just assume this to be a comedy novel. Each interaction has a suble meaning behind them that would send a moral to the readers. The interactions also display human psychology in the clearest manner. The author has done well to bring out all flavours of human emotions with a pinch of humour sprinkled upon them ( Sometimes a dash of humour, but, it's good for your heart).


Good novel right here folks. A promising beginning, with much shenanigans going on in this novel. The main author behaves like a young master, which is entertaining to read. Not only that, this novel does not have jarring disconnects. The pace of writing is very paced and smooth, balancing the line between being too plain and too filler like. Overall, 5/5 would recommend.


Elyon has done a wondeful job with this rewrite. I find myself getting sucked into every chapter. I love each of his characters. They are so full of life (even when life situations leave them unconscious). Keep up the excellent work!


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