1 Chapter 1.

Miyu : - Why is it so cold , what time is it , it's still night? Ahhh I don't want to open my eyes. 

Still,Miyu opened her eyes slowly but what she sow was more than she could understand. When she was going to sleep she was in an apartment room in a one person bed but now she was in a very large  white room with very modern furniture ,even the bed she was lying in  it was four times more big than her bed . She tried to wake up but couldn't. With the corner of her eyes she sow a boy in his 20's who was standing beside her. She did try to ask him what is this place but she couldn't make any sound.

Miyu: - What is going on ,why can't I talk or move ,what happened with me . She started to cry and tears where flowing on her face 

The boy who was standing beside her was turning around to look at her and sow her awake. Her face was pale and skinny and her body was very slim so when she was opening her eyes she was looking more like a zombie than a human . The boy couldn't do nothing just scream . Next moment someone entered on the door.

Housekeeper: What happened Pham ? Why are you screaming?

Pham: - She, she ,she , wake up . She wake up . Pham was keep repeating and showing with his finger the body from the bed. His body was trembling and his voice was very slow like he was afraid to be heard .

The lady was looking to the place where the boy was showing and got shocked. She was working in that house for the last twenty years and never sow the woman being awake. Where there stories that she is a vampire and she is sleeping for hundreds of years . 

Housekeeper: -Masterrrrrr ,sire, come fast ,come fast .

Next moment a man in his 40's came in the room .

Master: -What is going on here ? Why is so noisy ?

Pham : -She wake up...

Housekeeper: - She wake up....

Both of them where showing with the finger to the bed in same time.

Master: - How can that be posible ? The man was felling how a cold chill run trough all his veins.

His grandfather was telling him that the woman was sleeping from the time himself was a kid .

Master: -Who is this woman and why is she waking up now? This questions where passing his mind but he knew that he need to be true with that woman . He was making a vow that he will always put his life on the line for this woman so , that's mean she is an important person for someone. 

Housekeeper: - Should we bring her something to eat ? Her body condition its looking extremely bad ! The house keeper was looking at her master and ask him when he sow him lost in his thoughts.

Master: - Huh ? 

Housekeeper: - Food !!!! Should we feed her ? 

Master: - Oh ! Yes, yes , give her food fast . Bring her something easy that she can eat ,she was not eating for more than 100 years I think.

Master was taken out from his thoughts because of Housekeeper. So after he tells to the woman what she need to do, leave to his room.The woman leave and the boy remain in the room and stare to  the lady from the bed. 

Miyu : -Who are this people ? Why I can't move tough, and why can't I talk ? What did they done to me ? What is the deal with that 100 years ? 

Not much time passed and the lady came with the food. 

Pham sow the housekeeper with the food entering on the door and he offered himself to feed the woman. Even if his brain think don't do it, something in himself push him to care for this woman .

Pham : -Give me I will feed her? 

Pham took the plate from the lady hand and starts to feed Miyu. Some food remained on Miyu lips so he was using his fingers to wipe it off. Miyu remains startled and don't understand nothing. But a thought passed her mind . Her kids ...

Miyu: You .... What did you do to my kids where are them? She was shouting but her voice didn't coming out . She was feeling so powerless and scared and sad so she starts to cry again . Next day Master brought a doctor to take care of Miyu. 

After 3 months of intense exercise and trying to talk Miyu started to walk slowly and started to look like a human being . Her voice was not getting all out though and she was having a very hard time to talk.In all that time living there she was sure of something and that was that she was sleeping for a long time. Probably her kids are already grown up's. But she was still asking herself why where they not visited her in the last 3 months ? No one was telling her that she was sleeping for hundred years so she thought she was sleeping for few years because she was looking same just more slim and her hair was very long . 

Pham :-Good morning princess!!!  Pham was entering the room with a big smile on his face . How is your training work ? Did you eat ? How are you  feeling? Did you miss me ? 😅😅😅😅😅

In this all time Pham figured out that Miyu is a very lonely person and he tried his best to make her smile.

Miyu:- Pppp....aaaa...mm , eee...asy  ppp...lea...se.

I...  ca....no...t ke....ep u...up wi....th y...yo...u

Pham: - Ah your Highness  ,did you had bath ? Should I help ? 😏😏😏😏

Pham was trying to make a joke and make Miyu smile.

Miyu: - Ph....aaa...m!!!!!

Miyu was shouting on him while her face became red. She was making an angry face but  she was looking more cute than angry so Pham got flustered because of her reaction and lost his words.He felt how the blood start to get hot in his veins and wonder why he felt like this . His face was red and he knew it already so he tried to compose himself and be back on the earth with his feet 

Pham: -Okay ,okay , sorry, was just a joke 

Miyu started to smile and her face got bright. He never sow her smile till that time .

Pham: - You finally smiled. Mission complete. 

Keep smiling and be happy for ever Miyu , dont loose your smile. 

Next moment tears appeared on Miyu's face  and she started to cry loudly.

Pham: - Why are you crying ? What happened Miyu ? Did i do something bad ?

 Miyu noded in sign of no 

Pham: Than what is going on ? 

Miyu: - Pp...ha....m , I ne....ed t....to f....fi....nd m...my ki...ki..ds.

Miyu burst into tears and Pham hugs her instant. His heart was feeling like tearing.

Pham:  - Oh Miyu ,everithing will be OK ,I promise you . 

He was feeling like his heart was breaking in thousand's of pieces and he didn't understand why he fell like that . 

Pham : I will find your kids Miyu ,don't worry ,I will find everithing about your kids . 

Pham was crying  while hug Miyu tight. He knew that her kids, she will never get to see them again. Too much time was passing they where not there anymore. His heart was breaking thinking how much will Miyu suffer in the future.

He was worried at the time when Miyu will find out in what year are them and he was glad that she is not asking him .

Miyu: - Ph...h...am . Pl....ea...se f...fi...nd m...my kkk....kkiii...ds.Miyu was giving her best to talk correct that Pham can understand. A tear appeared in her eyes and she was feeling how her heart is breaking away. 

Pham: - I will, I promise I will .

Pham hugged tight Miyu once again than he run  outside her room. When he got out his face was floating with tears . He was feeling powerless and his heart was feeling broke. 

Pham: -What was happened that time ,why was she falling asleep , who are her kids . What in the world could happen that she was falling asleep. And why for so many years ? Who is she ? What is her story ? 

Everything he knew was that she is Miyu and she fell asleep more than one hundred years ago so lots of question where in his mind .

Pham decided that he will find out all the mystery behind Miyu. He decided to go and find the kids even if they are not existing anymore. He decided that when the time comes he will help Miyu to handle the pain in her heart. That he will never let her alone. That his heart is Miyu's heart and if one day Miyu will ask for it he will give her his heart. He decides that the time she will find out that her kids are not anymore will be her last wound, that no-one will ever hurt her again. That he will help her handle the pain and hug her heart for ever. 

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