The Legend Of The Young Master With His Origin System
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The Legend Of The Young Master With His Origin System


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What is The Legend Of The Young Master With His Origin System

The Legend Of The Young Master With His Origin System is a popular fanfic written by the author Akatsuki_God, covering SYSTEM, SENIORWHITE, ROMANCE, ACTION, REINCARNATION, COMEDY, YANDERE, YOUNGMASTER, ADVENTURE, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 20.2K readers . The novel is being serialized to 3 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Leylin Hecate an otaku, loving anime and light novels and Chinese novels felt dead inside after finishing [Warlock Of The Magus World] so when he went to sleep and woke in another body he was happy to leave his everyday life and live as [Qin Shi Huang] the First Young Master of the Ancient Qin Clan. ------------------------------ Picking up a black book with bright gold letters reading [How To Be A Arrogant Young Master 101], Leylin mumbled opening the book."I think I found the source of the Root..." {{ First Page }} • You are always in the right. • Nothing could ever go wrong. • If someone doesn't conform with your beliefs/plans/niche, they are trash. • Everything belongs to you. • Always seek revenge for any perceived wrong. • Always use the maximum force to crush any enemy. • Whenever you encounter an enemy, make sure to strike them with excessive force, but not enough force to kill them. Also, if possible, make sure that you do it in a way that is illegal or otherwise inadvisable so that when your enemy survives they can use the attack to get you in trouble. • Accuse anyone that disagrees with your every demand as arrogant and courting death • First, send your worthless minions to crush the enemy. When that doesn't work, send stronger minions. Repeat to let the enemy grow stronger so that you have the satisfaction of beating the enemy in their strongest form. This will get a jade-like girl to fall in love with you and is foolproof. 100% success rate. {{ Second Page }} • If you lose, call your daddy, and if your daddy loses, call your grandpa, and if your grandpa loses, call your ancestor. • Anyone who slights you/ goes against anything you say is either mentally impaired or doesn't know who you are. Act accordingly by boasting about your family/sect, display your strength, and/or (attempt to) kill them. • Of course, it's totally impossible that they do know who you are and just don't give a f, because your family/sect is obviously the most powerful one around, with absolutely no rivals in existence whatsoever. You are the mt tai in the phrase 'have eyes but could not see mt tai'. • If someone outbids you in an auction, it's a personal affront. Kill them. {{ More To Come }} Closing the book and keeping it in a safe place, Leylin said with much 'holiness' and 'righteousness' storming out of his room with his minions following him."I must spread this Holy Scripture to the whole world! NO! The whole Multiverse & Beyond! Fuhahahahahaha!" Looking next to him a little boy around 14 said to a big male with gigantic muscles making it seem his ancestors were Giants and Titans." Senior Brother, Young Master Qin, is doing it again." Shrugging his shoulders this Senior Brother said with a calm expression."Mmm, I wonder if he is going to teach us gender equality again." *Shiver!!!* Shivering in both excitement and happiness the men in the back thought.'Young Master Qin, is always right!' ---------- Author." I do not own anime, manga, and novels mentioned in this novel I only own my OC or OC's. This is just a fanfiction:)" -------------------- {~Extra Tags~}: God MC(?)/\ Overpowered MC/\ Carefree MC/\ Nasuverse/\Type-Moon/\Magus--Magi MC/\ Gilgamesh/\


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Author." 5 stars because I'm a Shameless Author as are the rest...well so far as I have seen...hehehe..." Tobi." Baka Author has thick skin as thick as the Wall Of China... Nevertheless, Tobi is very Shameless also! So 5 stars from the only Great Tobi! ------ Author." If you have any questions hit me up in the comments...hehehe~!"


The story so far has been good so far random face slapping has not been encountered hopefully in this chinese world he won't just keep encountering cannon fodders to slapped and humiliated. ~This man approves and hopes for your happy cooperation!~


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