1 Birth Of A Legend

Born: May First, Two thousand One. It was a cool and dark night, the Crows were cawing, the moon light lit the outside of the cave like a bon fire. Inside of the cave was a secret passage leading toward an illegal operating room, inside were two men in bloody scrubs. "Help" The Women on the operating table screamed as the so called Doctors cut her open. "Scalpel" The Doctor on the right said, "Hurry! She's Bleeding out" The Women Doctor said. As the Doctors proceeded the surgery, the night sky turned into daylight and muffled screams for help echoed throughout the cave. "Why? Why, does my baby look like that?" the Women on the operating table said. "Aaahhh!" The Mother Yelled out as she looks at the baby one more time, "It- It's Alive!" The Male doctor said. The Baby had short stubby Ram like horns on his head, His eyes were dark but had a red like tint to them, His skin was very pale, and his body temp was freezing cold. "We need to run a few blood samples, and check his vitals" The Male Doctor said.

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