16 My Ninja Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

"What kind of reaction do you want me to have?" - the boy asked - "It never crossed my mind that Kushina-san would have such feelings for me, not when we had a definite family relationship until recently"

"He's right" - Mikoto nodded.

"A-Anyway, what do you think of all this?" - asked the redhead while looking at her old son.

"Do you want me to respond to your confession?" - asked the young redhead again.

"I-It wasn't a confession, but yeah" - Uzumaki nodded embarrassed

"As I said, I never thought you would feel something like this for me ..." - Kurama said but was interrupted by the redhead - "Go straight to the point"

"Ok ..." - the boy sighed - "I already said it when I was confessing my fault, you are the most important person in my life and I would lie if I didn't feel something for you, although I don't know how to react to this situation ... "

"Just let everything flow?" - Mikoto asked - "That worked with me"

"But the situations were different ..." - the young man denied as he looked at the brunette.

"I don't see the difference" - answered the matriarch Uchiha - "A sexy Milf who has not had any action for years is confessing her feelings for you after having shown her most vulnerable side"

"Now that you say it that way, you're right ..." - Kurama muttered.

"What if we go back to mine?" - asked matriarch Uzumaki.

"I'm trying to help you, Kushi-chan" - Mikoto said - "Although I shouldn't since you're my love rival"

And that was when Kushina's face lit up like Christmas light - "W-Well ... etto ..."

"It is not polite not to answer a confession to a lady, Kurama-kun" - Mikoto said seriously.

"I'm sorry" - said the redhead - "But I don't have much experience with women, neither in this life nor the other"

"Now that you mention that ..." - Kushina said while regaining calm.

"I'm curious too" - nodded the Uchiha.

"I have nothing to hide from you now that you know the truth" - Kurama replied - "Anything you want to know specifically?"

"You should start with how everything ended up in this situation" - Mikoto said calmly.

"Ok" - the boy nodded - "I better start after I ran from Anko-chan ..."

"We were there and I have to admit that it was fun to see you almost scream like a little girl" - Kushina smiled - "I have to give Anko-chan credit"

"Ugh ... I better continue ..." - sighed the young man - "As I said, after that, we were running for a while until I got caught just by mistake ..."

"I trained you better than that, Kuro-chan" - denied the redhead.

"I think you are deviating from the subject, Kushi-chan" - Mikoto said as she rolled her eyes.

"If you are going to continue interrupting me, I better say nothing" - Kurma said with annoyance - "Anyway, after I was cornered, Anko-chan pressured me so much that I ended up unlocking two memories ... one of the Kyubi and another from my past life that I sincerely wish I hadn't remembered ... "

"..." - The two women were silent when they saw the boy's expression of pain when he said this, so they walked beside him and hugged him.

"Thank you ..." - the young man murmured as he gave them a small smile - "But I suppose you have the right to know about them"

Kurama slowly told them the contents of his memories and the two women understood the boy's pain.

Kushina and Mikoto were cursing how a group of thugs had caused so much pain to a child just for defending against another child.

"The only good side is that this is the only memory I have of my past life ... which is sad because I am sure it is not the best of them ..." - Kurama said while shaking his head - "Anyway, I better tell you about the other memory ..."

Kurama again began to recount his second memoirs.

Kushina was calm because Kurama had informed him a bit of "his past" but Mikoto was a separate subject. She was surprised by the new knowledge.

"Better not talk more about the past" - sighed the matriarch Uchiha - "You still have to give your answer to Kushina-chan"

"I already said it, she is the most important woman of my life" - replied the redhead calmly.

"I have to admit that hearing you say it so firmly makes me feel extremely jealous" - Mikoto said with a frown.

Kushina only blushed when she heard that expression of such great feelings from Kurama. She was about to speak but noticed how the boy was slowly closing his eyes.

"Kushina-chan ... I think we better let him rest" - Mikoto said calmly.

"Ok ..." - nodded the redhead, then give him a small kiss on the lips - "See you"

"Ara ~ Ara ~" - Mikoto just smiled when she saw her friend's daring action while imitating her action - "I guess I can't stay behind"

Kurama was going to say something but he couldn't because he felt his eyelids close without his consent.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kurama slowly opened his eyes and noticed how the sky was now orange.

"What is this smell?" - murmured the redhead while looking everywhere to identify the origin of the aroma but there were no results.

Slowly he moved his gaze to the window and noticed how Anko was on a tree branch and she had all her clothes stained with blood - "Anko-chan ?!"

"..." - the aforementioned Kunoichi just looked at him in silence with empty eyes.

"Anko-chan ..." - the boy murmured as he signaled her to enter.

The purple-haired girl entered silently while giving him a look full of guilt.

"Don't worry" - Kurama said as he moved his hand carefully to caress her cheek but she moved to dodge his hand - "..."

"No ..." - Mitarashi murmured - "I'm dirty ..."

"That blood is not yours ..." - said the redhead.

"No ..." - denied the kunoichi - "It's from a group of Root Anbu ... they were coming for you ..."

Kurama understood what the girl was trying to say - "I see ..."

"Foxy-kun ... I'm sorry ..." - the purple-haired girl murmured while crying - "I'm so sorry ..."

"Anko-chan ... don't put that face on, you're not to blame for anything" - Kurama said as he saw her with a smile.

Anko shouted furiously - "But it all happened because of me ...!"

"Anko-chan ..." - the redhead looked at her affectionately - "You are not to blame for anything ..."

Anko was still crying, she knew he was just trying to cheer her up - "But ..."

"No buts!" - The Uzumaki interrupted - "I know you never wanted to do me any kind of damage and that is what matters. In fact, I should thank you"

"Thank you?!" - Anko exclaimed - "Is it some kind of joke ?!"

"I thank you because I could finally get weight off of me" - the redhead smiled - "Thanks to all this ... I could finally tell Kushina-san the truth"

Anko just bit her lip while looking at the redhead with tears in her eyes. She was about to speak but stopped when the door slammed open.

"Kuro-chan, are you alright ?!" - Kushina shouted as she entered the room - "There are at least a dozen Anbu corpses outside the hospital!"

"I'm fine, Kushina-san" - the redhead smiled - "All thanks to Anko-chan"

"Are you alright, Kurama-kun ?!" - Mikoto shouted as she entered the room but was silent when she noticed the appearance of the girl with purple hair, only that needed to connect the dots.

The 4 were silent as they looked at each other until Mikoto spoke - "I think it's time we clarify things"

"?" - Anko gave her a confused look but said nothing to interrupt her.

"I'm sure the three of us feel something for him" - continued the matriarch Uchiha while pointing the boy in bed.

Anko understood that Kushina loved her son ... but the Uchiha woman?

"I love him," Mikoto said seriously.

Anko was surprised at the words, so she took a look at Kushina but saw that she was as if nothing had happened.

"Kushina loves him too" - continued the Uchiha woman.

"Ok ... I think I missed something ..." - muttered the Mitarashi.

"I think it's a good idea to explain it to her, Kushi-chan" - Mikoto said as she gave the word to the aforementioned matriarch Uzumaki - "Ok ..."

Kushina began to tell her everything that had happened while she was gone and she had to admit that Anko's expression was fun to watch.

"Ok ... it's not like I have the right to get into the lives of others" - Anko said as she shrugged - "But I'm going to join the party, I love him too"

"Then we have a lot to talk about" - Mikoto smiled.

"I have no voice or vote on this?" - the boy asked but his words were ignored "It is not as if I was losing in this situation ..."

Kurama slowly began to absorb Mokuton chakra from the environment to increase his regenerative factor that was already abnormal while the girls continued to argue.

* * * * * * * * * * *

In the Hokage tower, Hiruzen was furious that a group of Root Anbu had attempted to kidnap the wounded Kurama Uzumaki. He without thinking twice had sent a group of his Anbus to investigate the situation but after a while, they returned without results.

Danzo, on the other hand, had been talking to the leaders of the Shinobis clans all the time about new reforms that could take place in the future.

Hiruzen had to resist the desire to take the old War Hawk and take him to IT, but without proof, he could do nothing.

Slowly he decided to put all this aside because it had been solved, although this did not take away the fact that it was a slap in his face.

Calmly, he dispatched his Anbus and took out his "Research Sphere" to be able to observe Kurama's situation, only to curse the luck of the redhead upon hearing the conversation of the three women.

"Is it the fate of the redheads?" - Old Sandaime wondered as he kept listening - "I guess I can help him... so maybe I can fix things a little with them ..."

Hiruzen decided to go the next day to see the redhead and tell him about his idea.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day, Kurama woke up a little better. His body still hurt like hell but at least he could move a little.

He felt a little heavy but after waking up a little, he noticed that this was because the girls had decided to sleep beside him.

Kurama would not lie, he found the situation quite pleasing to the eye, especially when he saw how the 3 women were starting to wake up.

The three women saw each other as sparks came out of their eyes. They had talked about this last day but that didn't mean they were done. There were still issues to discuss, including who the "Queen" was and how they would solve the problem that legally he could only have one girl.

Kurama watched as the three of them got up and prepared to fight, so he did what every man would do in a situation like this, to become the idiot so that nothing has to do with him.

"How smart you are Kurama" - the boy thought with an imaginary smile.

The three women looked at each other again and nodded silently.

"Kuro-chan ~!" - Kushina smiled - "We're going out for a moment to talk ~!"

"Ok" - the redhead nodded calmly - "Just be careful ... ok?"

"Calm down, we'll just talk" - Mikoto smiled.

After saying that, the 3 left the room with a calm expression.

Kurama only sighed in his thoughts as he thought about how to solve the current situation. He didn't know how to make all this work.

First, there was Mikoto ... the two had an intimate moment in the Tsukuyomi that he still couldn't forget. The second was Kushina, whom he considered the most important woman of his life ... and finally, there was Anko, the girl who has been with him for 12 years ...

"And I don't have to forget Ino-chan and Hinata-chan ..." - the redhead murmured as he remembered his two classmates. It was obvious that they also had feelings for him - "But I can't be a bastard and play with them ..."

Kurama was using all his intelligence to reach a peaceful solution but there was no answer - "I swear I will make a statue in Uzu to anyone who can help me with the solution"

*Toc Toc*

"You can enter" - Kurama said when he heard how they knocked on the door.

"It is good to see that you are well, Kurama-kun" - Hiruzen said with a smile as he entered the room.

"Do you need anything, Ero Jiji?" - asked the redhead.

"Nothing important" - replied the old Sandaime - "Let's just say I had to inform you about certain ... how to say it? Obligations ..."

"Obligations?" - Kurama only raised an eyebrow while watching the perverted smile of old Hokage - "Have you ever heard about the Clans Restoration Act?"

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