The Legend of the 100 Star Sword Book

novel - Fantasy

The Legend of the 100 Star Sword


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Blood Moon. The group that wants to rule the world, When the World is enveloped in darkness by the Blood Moon. Martial Artists who were hiding in the shadows began to move and form the Central Immortal Alliance. Blood Moon was being pushed back by the Eternal Light Sect, and that World Society could live another peaceful day. However, as time went on the martial artists began to conspire against the Eternal Light Sect. And caused the death of the 2nd Immortal Light Sect Leader, Choe Jin-Yi, When everyone left Choe Jin-Yi's only Daughter sect, Choe Yo-Won was thrown with her mother. They both live in the ruins of the Eternal Light Sect. The day after the incident, Lee Min-ho's mother committed suicide. Choe Yo-Won, who witnessed his mother commit suicide, became depressed and desperate, his blood boiling as if he wanted to scream. Choe Yo-Won has never studied any martial arts even holding a weapon, he only reads the thick book his father gave him every day. But at last he realized that his father had passed his power on to him, and he understood why this tome should be understood. One day the Old Man suddenly appeared in front of Choe Yo-Won ... !!!


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