The Legend of Prohibition Forest : Princess Of Wolf Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Legend of Prohibition Forest : Princess Of Wolf


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He left the clan of the nuclear family to search and find out who killed his father. His father is a magician who maintains world peace, but he is declared dead horribly by an unknown group. After his father's death, the world's regulatory system changed instantly. The strongest took the lead and the weak were oppressed. Therefore he was determined to become the strongest. Reconstructing the world peace system that has been guarded by his father for decades. Unfortunately, his intention was underestimated by the rest of the family clan who were already affected by the latest system rules. One day, a mysterious light coming from the blood-red eclipse pierced his eyes so he fell unconscious in the middle of an uninhabited forest. Since that day, his life changed and he became the strongest thanks to the help of the strongest King who had lived thousands of years because of one mistake he had to become the guardian of the forbidden forest. Even though challenge after challenge always came in his way, he never changed and still kept his steps and life on one goal. This is the story of a tough young man who became the foremost magician in the world.


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