At the shaolin temple of Earth Realm, a young

monk named Liu Kang meditates in the main hall, candles lit all around him. He is then suprised when the candles go out by themselves. As thunder is heard in the background, Liu looks around his surroundings, sensing someone there with him.

All of a sudden, he quickly dodges a kick from behind him, rolling out of the way of it. He gets to his feet and looks around, seeing no one around him. Liu Kang is then punched in the face and kicked in the side, causing him to fall to the ground. He quickly kips back up to his feet and closes his eyes, trying to sense who's attacking him.

Lightning is seen and felt all through the temple, giving Liu Kang goosebumps. He then grabs the mystery attacker and slams them to the ground. When he looks down, he sees that the attacker is Raiden: the thunder God.

"Lord Raiden? I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you." Liu Kang explains, helping the God back to his feet.

"No apologies necessary Liu Kang, you just did what you were trained to do. I only hope it'll be enough."

Raiden uses his lightning to re-light the candles.

"So, it's time then?"

"Yes. Do not worry, everything you've been through has prepared you for this."

"I will not let you down, Raiden."

Liu Kang bows to Raiden.

"I'm sure you won't. Come, it's time to meet the others. The tournament will begin soon."

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