Questions & Answer:

Okay, I get why some of you guys ask me this question but I'll just going to answer it.

Question 1:

Why didn't Jin turn on the pain nullification inside the system? Won't the Pain Jin feel be so distracting during battles and so on?


Yes, The Pain might be distracting but the Jin won't care about it.

Why I did it? Simple, what I'm trying to write about Jin is that she's the type of person who thinks that not really feeling any pain is unfair and not really living.

She got a second chance in life, and she wants to experience everything that she couldn't do in her previous life.

Why she thinks it's unfair, is because she's the only person who has the system while others don't.

She also thinks that numbing pain, is basically the same as turning off your emotions. It's like those Original Vampire from The Originals and The Legacies TVD.

Who can turn off their humanity by will.

To Jin emotions are important because that what's make everyone Human, but that doesn't mean Jin won't kill someone.

Jin is not those naive OC who thinks by putting criminals in jail will solve all problems, Jin is more in line with Grey faction. Where she knows what needs to be done, something Korra and the Past Avatars don't seem to know.

Plus, Jin would naturally built up pain resistance on her own, Earth benders are resilience after all.

Question 2: Will Jin be the one who will be in a romantic relationship on Asami or Korra?


It depends if Korra or Asami will be the one who falls for Jin, because I'll be writing on how they'll interact with each other.

Question 3: Who will Jin be pairing with?


I don't Know, help me choose....^wT By the way Jin prefers being in the company of girls or woman, she feels uncomfortable being with men due to past trauma and distrust towards the male gender beside her male friends.


1. Korra

2. Asami

3. Or Both as in Open relationship.

Lin is not included because Jin only sees her as a friend and someone she really admires due to what Lin has to go through.

Opal and Jinora both already have their pairings so that just leaves Asami and Korra.

There's a reason why Kuvira is not included, because it had something to do with how the story would go.


If you have any question you would like to ask, please comment here. And regarding pairing anyone with Jin, just vote next to their names.

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