5 Losing something, and Winning something!

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"Ugh! Fuck, my head hurts!" I groan out as soon as I wake up, and get a smack on my arms for my efforts.

"Mind your tongue, young man." Comes the familiar sound of my mother.

Mother? What is she doing in my room? I open my eyes and look around.

"Huh. This is not my room. Why the hell am I on a soul forge?" I whisper out, a little confused.

Loki and Thor snort at my face while Mother explains, "The awakening of your Domain had a very profound effect on your soul, my son. You were asleep for 5 days."

"5 days?! Damn! That's not good." I exclaim, and lay back down.

Frigga chuckles, she says, "Indeed. You missed a lot of your lessons, and now you're okay. So get up, it's almost time for AllSpeak."

I groan at that. AllSpeak, while sounding awesome, is really boring. It's literally cramming thousands of languages of the Universe inside your brain and compiling them to form one language. A lot of Mind magic is used in that, and it helps. So when you speak the AllSpeak, the listener will always hear the language most familiar to him.

"Wait. The awakening?! I awakened my Domain?!" I turn to Frigga, shocked.

This time, Thor comes forth, punching the air, and says, "Indeed Brother! You are looking at the new God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor!"

Loki rolls his eyes, while Frigga chuckles at Thor. She explains, "You, my Son, are the God of Light, and the Sun. You should try and get your Domain under your control again, Asgard has been experiencing a very hot summer for the last 5 days."

Damn! I'm saying that a lot now, but still, DAMN! I'M THE FRIGGING GOD OF SUN AND LIGHT! I'M- Apollo? Nah, I'm not a good archer, and I don't know if I'm a good healer.

I smile widely, I'm now considered a God, a proper God, in the eyes of the Higher beings, like Elders, Celestials, Other Gods, or even Sorcerers. Not all Asgardians become Gods, and even less awaken their Domains of Divinity all at once. Even Odin became the God of War through his actions, and only then was he considered a God by the Higher ups.

Thor comes forward, all 5'10 of him stomping the ground, and places a hand on my shoulder, which thankfully does not hurt, and says, "VERILY! There's a feast in our honour, brothers. Even the Kings of Vanaheim, and Nidavellir are coming!"

Loki shakes his head at Thor and explains, "Father guessed you would wake up yesterday, so he called for the guests to come today, but you were lazy and kept sleeping for a day more. Gave a shock to Lady Eir too, when she couldn't find why you wouldn't wake."

Huh. I always was a bit lazy when it came to sleeping.

"Thank you, Loki. Anyways, let's go through the AllSpeak and our other lessons. We have a feast to prepare for." I say and jump out of bed.


Odin stands in front of his Throne in the Dining hall. This Hall was special in the sense that it was only used during feasts. The Royal family usually ate in a smaller Dining room.

The Hall was decked out in banners celebrating Thor, me, and Loki. Many guests, both from Asgard, and from the Allied Realms, had come to Asgard for this feast. There were the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses of Vanaheim, Alfeim, and Nidavellir, along with many Lords, Ladies, Seidhrs(Magicians) and Honoured Warriors, talking amongst each other.

Odin slams his spear, Gungnir, thrice on the ground, making everyone turn silent and look up to him. "Welcome! Thank you for coming here, today, on this auspicious day!" Odin booms out, making sure everyone listens.

Me, Loki, and Thor were standing near the doors of the Hall, decked out in clothes that fit our station. Me and Thor were of the same height and build, while Loki was a few inches shorter than us, and leaner. Odin looks at us and nods. He says, "My sons, the Princes of the Realm, Thor, Baldur, and Loki, all three have awakened their Domains! Come to your King and KNEEL!"

All three of us Princes walk and stop in front of Odin, and kneel down, bowing our heads down, waiting for the formalities to be over. Odin walks down to us, slams Gungnir once, and lays his hand on Thor's shoulder.

"Thor, Son of Odin! Rise, as The God of Thunder, and the Crown Prince of Asgard!" Odin booms out, making the guests slam their glasses of mead, and shout, "All hail Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder!" Thor rises and stands to a side, smiling proudly and eating up all the attention. Sif comes and stands beside him, trying to flirt, but Thor, the dumb brute that he is, does not recognise it.

Odin then stands in front of me, and puts his hand on my shoulder. He shouts, "Baldur, Son of Odin! Rise, as The God of Sun and Light, and a Prince of Asgard!"

Again the guests shout, "All hail Baldur Odinson, The God of Sun and Light!"

I rise up, and move to stand next to Sif, clapping Thor on the shoulder and smiling at him. We see Odin do the same to Loki, saying, "Loki, Son of Odin! Rise, as The God of Illusions, and Trickery, and a Prince of Asgard!"

"All hail Loki Odinson, The God of Illusions and Trickery!"

You know, I always found it odd that Loki was simply called the God of Trickery, and seeing it live, here, right in front of my face, I sort of understand why he would want to betray Asgard. Odin literally told the Realms, "Don't trust Loki! He will trick you." D*ck move, Odin, D*ck move. Just for this, I'm going to steal something from you.

Once the cheering dies down, me, Loki and Thor move over to the Royal Table, to feast, while Sif joins Healer Eir and her entourage. It's time to eat, baby! Asgardian feasts are the best thing about Asgard!

~~~ R18+ WARNING!

"Oh, Fuck! My head." I whisper out, as I wake up the day after the feast. I try to get up, but my hands are stuck under something. I widen my eyes, and slowly turn my head towards my right side. A woman, who looks about 16-17, with red hair is laying, with her head on my arm. Her face is very much attractive, and anyone would be damn lucky to have her. Her right hand is on my chest, and her mouth is a bit open, drool coming out of it on my arm. I would have grossed out, if I didn't remember that I had exchanged saliva with her, so drooling is nothing.

'Damn it! I don't remember much! What the hell did I drink last night!' I think to myself, furiously.

I turn my head down from her face, to see that she is quite nude, with pretty big boobs. My little brother, automatically reacts to the view and grows. Being under the covers, I didn't see, or pay any attention before, to the hand that is holding it. My bro waking up, wakes the owner of the hand, bringing a groan from my left.

Comically widening my eyes, I realize that the red head's hand was on my chest, and she was on my right. Turning to my left, slowly, I see another girl, about the same age as the one on my right, only slightly older, and blonde. She looked a bit similar to the red head, so possibly sisters or cousins.

She too had bigger than normal boobs, and was also naked. Huh. Seems I got lucky last night. With Sisters! And I remember only kissing one of them? Oh f*ck my life!

"Baldur?" The blonde girl says, looking at my eyes intently, moving her hand up and down, playing with me.

"Yes, dear?" I answer, because, I'm not an idiot.

"You don't remember who we are, do you?" the red head says, now awake, looking amused at my face.

Oh for f*ck's sake, leave a man some dignity, won't you?

"Unfortunately, ahem, I- uh, had a little too much to drink last night, and uh- I only remember kissing you." I stammer out, looking at the red head.

The Blonde continues her actions, and starts kissing my chest, turning me on, a bit more. The red head sits up, making her wonderful boobs react amazingly. She takes my hand and puts it on her boobs, her sister doing the same with my left hand, and says, "Ah. I understand. Yes!-" she whisper-shouts, when I pinch her nipple, "- My name's Lorelai."

"Hi Lorelei." I mumble out distractedly, but realising in the back of my head that she's a villain of Thor, or something.

"And I'm Amora, Lorelai's older sister, and the Goddess of Seduction. Pleased to meet you." The blonde to my left says, still playing with my pen*s, with her right hand, while her left is between her legs. I groan, when she touches the head with her thumb and sits up to move down. Goddess of Seduction is right, alright.

"Yes, yes. Pleased to meet you, Prince Baldur. Now, less talking, more actual pleasing!" Saying that, the redhead, now named Lorelai, comes sits on my chest, presenting me with her beautiful womanhood, while a warm feeling replaces Amora's hand.

Well, Amora and Lorelai, two of Asgard's villains, as far as I knew from comics, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. Instead, I'm gonna focus on the pu**y in front of me.

"Yes, my Lady Lorelai." I whisper and start doing my job. I was wrong, the feasts are NOT the best part of Asgard. Damn, I lost my virginity at 14! That's way better than my 19 from my last life.

R18+ END~~~~

It's been a month after I lost my virginity, and I met the girls a few times. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes all three of us together. Other than having sex, we also talked to each other a lot.

Amora was 352 years old, while Lorelai was about 207. Both of them were Asgardians, and studied magic. Amora, along with being the Goddess of Seduction, was a Master in Runes, Mind Magic, and Potions, while Lorelai had Mastered only Mind Magic, and had no other interest in learning Sorcery.

I took a lot of tips for my runes studies from Amora, as she gave a different perspective than Loki.

Unfortunately, my escapade was known throughout the Realms, as Loki had managed to catch us going to my room after the feast, and the servants had managed to catch a view while bringing me my breakfast. So we kept our meetings going without shame. It was, unfortunately/fortunately expected of a Prince of Asgard to have as much experience as possible, in the bed, and no one thought it wrong that a 14 year old boy was being bedded by ladies a couple centuries his senior. Fortunately, they don't look their age. God Bless Asgard!

Thor congratulated me loudly, making sure even the Grandmaster heard his words, while Loki simply smirked at me. He was still young, 13, but he's sure to know all the stuff.

Mother smiled at me, and asked if I had a good night, then she had turned to Amora and Lorelai and said, "If you try to control my son, I will lock you in my personal dimension to be tortured for eternity." She had apparently scared them for life.

One good thing that came out was I found that creating Pocket Dimensions was possible! So I begged her to learn it, and when Loki heard, he too started to beg. She had said that she'll teach us when we are ready, which is utterly mad.

Anyways, Lorelai and I liked each other pretty well. She was 5'5, fair faced, liked to sword fight, knew how to make brutes like Thor and Volstagg into trembling messes on the ground, and loved f*cking! And she had amazing tits! What's not to like?

We were even thinking of being more than just friends who f*cked. Amora, while she liked me and having sex, loved experimenting with Potions and Runes more. Plus she loved her freedom to bed anyone she liked, literally, being the Goddess of Seduction.

She did promise to join in on our fun once in a while, which was good. But Lorelai and I hadn't made up our minds yet. Having fun was good, but commitment was not something we were ready for, yet.

So here I was, sitting in my room, all alone. "Hnghh! Hngggfhhhh!!!" I grunt to myself, while trying to maintain a concentrated beam of hot light from only one finger. (A/N: Get your minds out of the gutters.) Although, my control is not good enough for that yet. Thankfully, at least the Summer heat that I caused on Asgard had decreased a little only after a few days of practice.

I had also noticed during this time, that my healing rate had improved. By a lot! I was like the Wolverine, healing wounds almost as soon as they appeared. A result of this was that I won a lot more fights with Thor than I used to.

For my Divine Energy issues, I started with doing the same thing as my magic, sending my Divine Energy to one body part at a time, hoping it works. I noticed that wherever I send the Divine Energy, henceforth called The Light, that body part heats up and starts glowing a golden glow, making me look like a proper God. So I tried to increase the intensity of it in one part at a time. It worked a little, as I was able to increase the Intensity of the Light, two fold in each of my hands and my legs, but nowhere else.

This part of thr exercise, simply charred the paper I held, to test the temperature, but only barely warmed the water, when I put my hand in the tub.

2 weeks after I had began practicing it, I managed to reach 100°C, the boiling point of water. So, I started trying to focus my Light in one finger at a time, for accuracy. I know, I can do it, as I used it to fire my Light at Thor during our spar a month ago.

But, when I tried it, I could only heat the fingers up until only about 50°C. Which might sound good, but the average body temperature that I had, without using my heat, was about 35-40°C, so I only managed to increase 10 degrees.

So now, here I was, 1 week after starting this exercise, grunting to myself, as I try and increase the heat.

"Take a deep breath, calm your self, and try again." Mother's voice interrupts me and no matter what she tells you, I did not scream in fright. NO! I DID NOT!

"AHH! MOTHER! How long were you there?" I ask, putting my hand on my chest to calm my heart.

Frigga raises her eyebrow and says, "I've been here ever since you started fantasizing about your lovers bosoms while trying to light your finger on fire. Do concentrate on the task, dear."

I blush, because, come on! She's my mom! She read my thoughts about Lorelai, and it's embarrassing. Maybe if I was Thor, I would have boasted, but I don't like to boast about conquests. I enjoy them quietly.

I shake my head and put my Occlumency barriers up, realising that I was slacking off when it came to mind arts. "Ahem! Yes. Sorry about that, Mother."

"Don't worry about it, Baldur. At least you are trying. However half heartedly it may be." Frigga says, smiling a bit sadly.

Oh yeah, Thor had refused to sit down and train his control, even when Mother had personally offered her training. Idiot thought that he would get better as he grew older.

Well, he's not wrong, but training with control quickens the process!

Frigga shakes her head this time, and says, "Now, close your eyes." I close my eyes, so she continues, "Take deep breaths, and calm yourself. Don't try anything yet." I follow her orders and try and calm myself.

I feel something being stuck on my index finger, but I ignore it and focus on my breath, bringing forth the lessons taught by Master Oogway.

Inner Peace.

Inner Peace.

Inner Peace.

"Now," Frigga softly whispers, "Imagine your finger, and only your finger glowing a little, and coerce your Magic, and your Divine Energy, to do the job. You simply focus on making the finger flow."

I still keep my eyes closed, and focus on the feeling of glowing my finger. I keep doing it for 5 minutes, when Frigga again whispers, "Good. Now, focus on the feeling your finger is giving off. Focus on only making it hotter. Don't force it! Simply focus on it, and your Divine Energy will do the rest."

My finger starts heating up, more than it had in my past practices. My heart starts beating faster due to the excitement, and the finger starts losing the temperature.

"Easy now!" Frigga soothes me. She puts a hand on my head and says, "Keep calm, and bring your heart under your control. Your Divine Energy will work with you, don't let your heartbeat make it work against you. Breathe calmly, and start again. Don't lose focus."

I restart the process and keep doing it for 10 minutes, feeling my finger grow hotter. I hear a sizzling sound, and feel whatever it is on my finger to start slipping.

I open my eyes, while maintaining my Light on the finger, and see something spectacular. Mother had put a Gold ring on my finger, sticking it with Magic.

My finger, while feeling only slightly hot, but not uncomfortably so, to me, was melting the Gold ring into sludge, which was falling on my table, burning through it. I search around the room, and find mother in a corner, sweating a bit, but with a big smile on her face.

Realising that my finger is hot enough to melt Gold, and my Mother is in the same room, I call back my Light, cooling down.

Frigga, uses her Magic to cool herself, and the room, and comes and hugs me. She whispers in my ear, "Well done, my son! Well done! Now, you are ready!"


1. What weapon would you like Baldur to have? I'm partial to a spear, or a staff. Spear like the Gungnir, and Staff like the Berserker's Staff, simply without the rage factor. (Already solved: It's a spear.)

2. If you had to select one of the two sisters, which one would you keep for Baldur? And yes, ONLY ONE!

I'm leaning on Lorelai, as she's a fairly unknown character in the MCU. Also, there's another Baldur story(Portuguese) in which he's with Amora, so i didn't want to seem like I'm copying that story. (Already resolved: None. Sorry folks, I made the story weird.)


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