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The Legal Kills


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She glares at me and grits out, "Yes without that, might I remind you, where would you have been right now, Wilson?" "You are going to hold that over my head forever, aren't you Davidson?" "Yes. Because I deserve that credit don't you think?" She smiles sweetly but there was nothing remotely sweet about it. "Yeah. You obviously deserve the credit for messing up our lives now!" I wave my hand towards the file. "It would have happened, either way, you asshole! And don't you dare tell me that is not why you went to that mansion in the first place!" She spits out, pointing her finger in my direction accusingly. "How do-" "If you ask the 'how' of it one more time. I'll skin you alive." She sneered in a deadly voice. That's it! ****** Scarlett Davidson She is the definition of broken beyond repair. The ones she cares about tend to die. Her only best friend abandoned her without a word. In a world where she has only ever faced hardships and loss, she learns to survive and outdo death itself. She prides herself for killing high profile people. She is an assassin, in simple words. But Karma always comes back to bite people in the ass. What do you think will happen when all her wrongs catch up with her? Can she fight this war all alone or will she find just the person who can share her burdens and still love her? One who does not bring light in her darkness but sits with her and relishes it. Asher Wilson One would think their life is hell. That is until life throws them into a pit of misery and darkness. He had no choice in what took place in his life. He left her for a few days, at least that's what he thought he was doing. Now she probably assumes that he abandoned her on purpose. Unfortunately, it's too late to go back now. She would hate him for who he had become. An assassin. What would happen when fate decides their destiny? Will they, two broken people, fight against all odds to be together? Or will she decide to return the favor and abandon him this time?


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