3 Chapter 3 The Guest

As the two were bickering with each other. Multiple cloaked mage synchronize their spell as their wands started flaring. They sense the presence of multiple people engrossing around the house. And within the splits second of realizing that they were greeted with.


A loud explosion that blew the house to smithereens in seconds; made from the release of a unit of 10 mages troop, synchronized firebolts hitting the house from all angles. What had happened was the 20 troop that when around the village that went east, stumbled upon the house disinterest with who was living there. There orders were to simply guard the Village from the outside noticing that this house wasn't on there map it was just in their way. They simply blew it up without a second thought. After getting some distance from the now burn rubble that was a house.

"I thought the reports suggest that, all the civilians living in this area was only found in the village. And their were no outsiders, squatting on their land" said the sub lieutenant of the 20.

"Yes sir, that seems to be the case from the reports up to the last 2 months, seems it may have been built within that time gap" replied one of the soldiers..

(That can't be right) Sutan thought to himself "Houses that well builds, that would resemble any small town home in the city doesn't take two months to make". He raised his hand to signal the soldiers around the wreckage, "check for any sign of survivors around the rubble and immediately dispose of them" he shouted to the soldiers.

"Yes sir!" They replied.

Has the men approach the destroyed house again, you can hear a few them talking with a brash smirk on their faces.

"I don't know who was staying here, but they just got hit by a 'Sagitta ignis units Style fire bolts' one of them said boastfully.

Another replied "I doubt it'll even be bones much less seeing their charred up corpses".

"Sub-lieutenant Sultan Sifir is just being paranoid as always", said another Soldier as they were all on cheering on.

Wearing his signature light white fullbody armor with gaps in between the joints showing the chain mail under of a silver and white theme. Thinner armor plates on his dominant arm going up to his shoulder with the Beretta Wolf insignia, with lightblue highlights connected to the chest and back plate. With his signature long sleeve silver chain mail, white gloves, white pant under the armor and his distinguish 50" royal blue with golden highlight on the grip of the swept hilt; schiavonna guard Rapier Inez. Sultan looks down on them from his position on his horse from a little hill within eye view of the house, an excellent vantage point for surveying the terrain. The truth is as a seemingly true perfectionist/ narcissistic being overly selfcautious and his level headed thinking is what got him to the rank of sub-lieutenant, his style is fast and quick take no chance to damage to him no matter what it takes.

The six soldiers that went to survey the area of the rubble, we're now engulf by the smoke of the burning house.

They started shouting; soldier 1 said "all clear sir, 2clear, 3 nothing here", after hearing them he thought to himself (maybe I was overthinking it, it could be possible that all the villagers came together to build the house.

But... that still leaves the question of who was living in this house, or maybe there's no need to question that anymore. Seeing that there's no survivor) he thought maybe the gut feeling that he was having was off, "4clear, 5 all clear sir" while all of this was happening let's go back to the Village.

I managed to sneak in through the back window of the chief's home, while I thoughts to myself (Well this was a bit too easy. The soldiers that came into the village, seem to be moving in one orderly line around the general covering him or her, while I was on the roof. It would seem like they were order to not branch off too far, for some reason which I found very odd. I don't really know much about Beretta's military style, but it still seems way too unusual. It's too concentrated to be an invasion, they would more likely spread out or even search a few houses. Neither is it just a regular visits, they wouldn't need a colonel and a battalions for something as simple has that as well as this many troops).

(Sfx Shau)

I landed on the ground as I managed to make it inside I went straight up to the Chief's Tetso office. There I saw him looking through the window pointed at the Village's square, staring at the soldiers has he said to himself "This... looks like trouble".

After hearing that I blurted out "Yep... seems like it".

(Sfx Gasp)

He was a bit startled but it seems like he was getting the same vibes of the situation, he may be an elder now but he was regarded as a famed warrior back in his time. Which is surprising for a guy only standing at 4'6, even in his primes and now judging by his appearance you would have never guessed it. For a 79 year old with tan wrinkled skin, hair covering his face mostly with the eyebrow, beard and mustache he looks like a little troll. And with his eyebrows going down to his cheeks, just looking at his face you got a sense of an old wise sage look.

But barely visible covered by his one piece robe, unexpected laid a very rip body covered with battle wounds. With years of numerous torturous experience on the battlefield accompanied by his extreme lack manners or respect to any higher authority is one of the reasons why is Village while bordering on another kingdoms it stand alone with no tie to any other than trading. Seeing that even he is feeling tense right now, proves that's something very, very bothersome is about to happen with this 'guest'.

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As I was going to talk "Listen we don't have muc-".

"What's going on, why are you" he ask then as he was talking.

(Sfx Wwooohhmmm)

We were interrupted with a sudden change in the air. We could hear the footsteps of the soldiers coming through the front door.

"You can't be here right now boy, hide out of sight" he whispered to me, has he push me to is his bedroom.

While he stayed in the office and sat behind his desk waiting to see who was coming through the door. Then all sound from outside cease followed by the door opening to the Chiefs office.

"Oh shit, how did I get so lucky enough... to be greeted by your damn presence" said the chief as the black silhouette enters the room.

"Come on now, surely you're not senile enough old man not to know how to show some restraints in what you say, I hope that you remember your are talking to a high rank military personnel"said the Silhouettes.

As he turn to the light coming in from the window, so I could see through the door gap trying my best to hide my presence. By angling myself just right on the ground peeping through, I could see who it was now and, (Oh, shit, shit, shit!) Was the only thing flowing through my head at that point. (Well that did not, make the situation any more better), I thought because of who was now standing in the office just happens to be no other than one of Beretta's freaking 5 Fang General, the Duke Kari Gundulf.

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