The Lazy King Of The Monsters
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The Lazy King Of The Monsters


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What is The Lazy King Of The Monsters

The Lazy King Of The Monsters is a popular web novel written by the author BlackbellDagger, covering FANTASY, MONSTERS, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, MAGICANDWEAPONS, HAREM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 48K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 84 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


At a very young age he realize… the world sucked. Being born into a system that pushes his own justification of Good and Evil, for those who are deemed special having the power to decide that. Him being one of those unfortunate cases had to choose to be either a tired hero or retired villain to find peace sure. Relaxation not so much, but wanting to be left alone he decide to go another route the path of the monster King, something so powerful so feared no side would dare bother him, after achieving his goal he was too slow you realize it wasn't what it was cracked up to be. Now living in constant stress what is three companions a slime the princess of the monsters from the former monster King, and a pet Frost Giants. Now unbenounced see him he's a key part in keeping the balance of both sides that are about to enter the New Age of War, so now he finds himself fighting instead of going for that lazy forego life he so wanted.


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What an interesting story! I have never seen such kinds of story! I salute you for your great imagination! Synopsis is too much attractive and so it dragged me to take a look at the book. Keep it up! I cheer you!


The intricate world that is described from Chapter 4 onwards is exciting stuff and we get deep into the mind of the nihilistic protagonist - this is a great contrast! It was a bit interesting to see (sfx splash!) to indicate sounds, but now we're used to this notation. Keep up the good work!


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Hello, I am not too good at reviews but I enjoy reading this novel. The author phrases things in a way that make sense and while there are a few problems, they are small and too insignificant to ruin the content of the story. The story has a lot of potential.


I'm hooked from the first chapter, I love the way the main characters don't take themselves as serious as others view them. Also the World building it's amazing can't wait to see more of this story unfold, few grammar errors here and there but all in all a good story.


Hello has the author I believe I can say without a doubt that's the best story I've ever read, if you don't believe me read it and prove me wrong. All jokes aside I really enjoy writing this story, and I hope you all find it as amazing as I do.


Readers don't focus on the synopsis and do try the story, you'll get surprised how the author opened up the storyline and how masterly it progress.


The story has potential, you can see that the Author's is improving with every chapter. The story is actually pretty nice. It's worth reading, and I have a feeling that in the end it will be a decent story to read. Some mistakes here and there, but they can be ignored. Good Job to the Author!


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