The Lawes Girl
novel - Contemporary Romance

The Lawes Girl

Kay Lillyt

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What is The Lawes Girl

Read The Lawes Girl novel written by the author Kay Lillyt on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Lucille Lawes’ absent love life turns upside down when she meets Nick Atkins It’s a lot more than what you think.

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A very nice story! I really enjoyed reading the first few parts of the story! I would recommend adding more tags and an elaborate synposis to hook the readers upon seeing this novel the first time! in that way, readers would flock to this story in no time! I left things that I think needs editting in the comment section. Feel free to disagree! Kudos for the author!


Nice compelling story. I can say that this was amazing work. I am engrossed with the author's narration. Also, the writing quality and style was decent and proper. Kudos!


Love the sophistication in your writing! It flows naturally like fish in the water, and I am really looking forward to seeing your upcoming chapters!


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I think this is an awesome romance story, even for someone who doesn't read much of the genre like myself. No complaints about writing quality or anything, the only reason I did not give this a 5 star is because of the synopsis/tags. Author, if you make the synopsis more longer/detailed, and add some more tags to this story, I'm sure it'll do great. Keep it up, and best of luck


This was a good read. The synopsis gave little away but it was enough to make things interesting and intriguing. The plot is cliche and quite common, but the author did a good job making their novel unique. The novel had quite a few errors in grammar, punctuation and wording but nothing too too major to adversely affect the novel. I liked the novel but some paragraphs were way too long. It was a major turnoff while reading, long paragraphs just aren't attractive. Overall, the novel has potential despite the setbacks. This is actually the shortest completed novel I've ever read lol. [img=recommend]


This is a nice read. I wouldn't call it a romance just so yet between Lucille and Nick. Wasn't that more of a hook-up? 😁 Though I'd love how they will develop a deeper relationship to each other. Writing is good. But I hope you will chunk your long paragraphs into smaller ones. It's kinda long to read it The pace is a tad bit slow but okay. The characters are very close close to each other what with the FL being a sweet little princess with a temper of her own. Overall, good work.


Okay, the book cover encouraged me to read and it was the best decision when it comes to a romance novel. Lucile is a lovable girl and i hope she gets want she needs not wants she wants. it is a great read. more chapters author.


First off, very good book. I feel like Lucile's actions throughout the story seem right and understandable. ESPECIALLY for her personality. It's like a constant, however, she does change into more of a dynamic character as time goes on. Also, I feel your descriptions of everything are so detailed, almost like you put a picture into words, it's incredible.


This one is a hidden gem. The writing quality is great and the story itself is very engaging. The author's choice of words feeds my imagination and I could imagine the scenes clearly. Great Job author!~


This novel has such a nice and well-written beginning. The descriptions are really good and the design is interesting as well. Good work author.


Your characters are well detailed with a very smooth and exciting style. The setting is imaginable and well detailed as well. Every sentence creates a different atmosphere for a reader. I love the mood you create between the character. I look forward for more!


amazing read !! I really enjoyed reading this novel. The story is captivating enough to keep readers engaged. Loved how the events unfolded!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!


This is a very well written story. Great characters and flowing naration that makes for an interesting read. The setting is a modern office scene and some real life issues. Well done! Worth the time!


Words that flow like wine, an exposition that has an air of mystery, and like the finest of Chardonnay, the taste of the plot, echoing prose, and sylogisms linger long after the first sip!


I really enjoyed it and it was well-written, but what's stopping me to give this a high review is because of the lock chapters. I enjoyed it up to the chapters that aren't locked, so I was saddened that when some chapters are lock.


It was a good story. The development and characterization were also nicely done. I think it could be better if you elaborate on the synopsis. I also noted that there are some grammatical errors that need to be corrected and quite a number of misused punctuation marks. Some paragraphs were a bit long, and dividing it would be nice. It was confusing in some parts, so revising some errors could make it better for the readers. The plotline was great, and so was the overall story.


The story is well thought and is going in a direction that I personally very much adore. I would recommend the author to be a bit more regular. The grammatical mistakes are to a minimum so that's a plus point. All the best


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Great book, well written story, excellent creativity and interseting plot. Chapters have the power to pull the readers attraction from the very beginning. Moreover, the writer has a unique way of writing and describing everything, which is really good. The only problem is that the chapters are too few. Would recommend to upload more chapters. All and all though the work has great potential. Well done Author! Waiting for more chapters.


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