389 Too Weak**

At Luo's Residence.

Luo's mother went to answer the doorbell and was extremely surprised to see Noah standing outside their doorstep.

"Oh son, it's a lovely surprise to see you so early in the morning! I mean Luo is still out for her routine jogging. But she might probably be on her way back now." Luo's mother said as she signaled Noah to sit on the couch of their living room.ย 

"Did you have breakfast?" she asked her son-in-law and Noah shook his head.

"Good, then I will add another plate and get back to you once the table is ready. Meanwhile, wait here for your wife to arrive," she commented with a sweet smile.

She could not help but silently rejoice for her daughter. Who would come by so early to meet his wife like this? She was sure that Noah was already missing her daughter too much, and that was why he was there.

Soon Luo came back to their house accompanied by Brione.

"Big bro?!"


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