129 Beating You In The Court

Everyone of Lana's close friends were already present in Keira's garden when Lana and Liam arrived.

"Welcome Liam to our home. Come, let me introduce you to everyone here. This is my husband Zach." Keira introduced them after a warm hug. He accepted Zach's handshake. 

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This was the first time he was meeting him in person, thanks to Lana!. The tall, well built muscular man was a very well-known name to everyone as a valorous general of their country and would definitely soon be the Field Marshal.

Then May and Drey introduced their spouses to Liam as well. Soon they all started chatting while starters and drinks were served. Some time passed, and they all were so engrossed in talking that they didn't realise when Keira got up and served the dinner onto a long table perfectly arranged in the garden under the night sky.

Everyone was having a good meal over another round of good conversation.

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