"Are you sure grandpa?"

"Yes Sebastian, we had talked about this a few days ago also. You have to do it."

"But I don't want to leave your side. You have been sick from… "said Sebastian.

"Enough! We have gone through this repeatedly. I don't want to hear anything else from you." exclaimed grandfather

Without saying any other word Sebastian left the room. His dark brown hair fell over his eyes, his stormy eyes sparkled in the dim glowing room and his hand on the dagger at his side. He looked like a warrior.

"I can't believe that I am going to save relations.", Sebastian said with a sigh

He took off without any other word.

During those days the Khelum gang used to torture, kidnap and loot the citizens Fancilona. They had broken families and been the reason why the teenagers had to go underground.

Sebastian had been given the task to save twenty-one relations. It had been his grandfather's last wish.

"Get into the bus now! We have limited time to get out of here." Sebastian shouted at the teenagers

The bus rolled away from the countryside. The big and the magnificent mansion came into the view. Not everyone could see it. Six people left the planet as victims of the war.

Sebastian looked at them with pain and sorrow in his eyes, but what could he have done, it was their destiny.

"Leave my hand Issac." the sweet melodious voice of Ava Whitewell softened into a chuckle

"Ava, I have been worried sick since we left the countryside. Do you really trust this guy?" Issac Ashshade whispered into her ear.

Ava looks up at Sabestian

"I cannot say anything Issac but I have a feeling that his intentions are not bad." Ave, leaving the bus caught Issac's eye and said.

The long corridors, a large menhir by the library door, and the beautiful tapestry on the wall caught the eye of all the teenagers.

Sebastian looked at the group and said "Third floor is strictly forbidden. Nobody leaves without my permission. I am doing a favor on all of you by letting all of you stay in my house."

"So rude." said Angelica Baywein

All the others walked away to their respected rooms.

In a few days, the individuals were healed and fed. They had been given separate rooms and servants.

Ava and Issac had rooms opposite to each other

Issac's face was read and was glowing. He was grinning like a mad wolf as he saw Ava leave her room.

Her long hair brushed the hem of her green silk top. Her brown eyes matched the hue of her brocade skirt and the smile on her face was a princess-like but her storm brown eyes showed her inner warrior self.

"looking gorgeous.", Issac said with the smile as they proceeded for dinner with Angelica and her friends.

Few years past the love between Ava and Issac grew. They were fond of each other at present but who knew that his love instead of growing strong was going to finish.

On the other hand, Sebastian's love for Ava grew. He could not stand a chance of living without her. He was jealous of Issac and his hate for Issac grew to that level when he had to choose the wrong path to gain what he wanted.

"Issac I have something for you. Can you please meet me in the library in a few minutes?" asked Sebastian.

"Sure… as you wish." answered Issac with a smile

As promised, Issac reached the library. Though he did not know that the love of his life was following him.

"What surprise do you have for me Sab?" asked Issac.

"I am sorry for what I am going to do. Please do forgive me for what I have done." Sebastian said with a heavy heart.

"What are you…"

Issac could never complete his sentence. Sab had pulled out a dagger and killed him.

"I am really sorry." Sebastian said while lifting the lifeless body of Issac Ashshade.

Nobody knew that Ava had seen the murder of her love. She stood quietly by the door and witnessed the murder. Tears fell from her eyes. She had taken the pledge to never show her weakness in front of anybody. So, she ran.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Ava never left the room. Sebastian had told everybody that Isaac was killed due to an attack. Finally, when Sabastian could not see her like this, he went up to her room to call her.

"You ok love?" said Sebastian as he sat on the base of her bed.

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He did not know that Ava had seen the murder. Ava wanted to keep it that way and therefore she acted like she was ok.

"Yes, I am fine. If you want we can go out and talk." Said, Ava

"As you wish." said Sab

Descending the steps Ava started her story. She did not know why she was telling him but she still did.

"I am the reason why the war started. I killed the Khelum chief." Said she.

Sebastian stood there shocked

"He killed by my parents and due to rage, I shot him with an arrow. After that, I started to live with Issac and his grandma. She passed away a few years ago and from that time I took a resolution that I will stay strong and never let my fears take over me." Ava turned to Sab and said

"I am really so…"

Sab could not complete his sentence as the present general came towards them. Fear took over Sabastian and Ava.

"I have to take away someone." commanded the general

A few minutes later all the teens gather in the hall and the Khelum general tells the reason for his presence.

"The last words of our great chief in the reason why we are here. One of you is the reason why our chief is not present with us." exclaimed the general

"These are the last lines of our general…

The girl who made me change my world,

Has a dark brown fine line curved,

On her upper arm,

Which she got from the arrow at the farm"

"… have to search you all."

"That will not necessary as the girl who killed the chief is Ava Whitewell," Sab said that pointing at Ava.

"You betrayed me.!" Ava exclaimed

The next few minutes were a blur. The general took away Ava and Sab walked out of the house without any explanation.

Ava had been imprisoned. She was not given proper food and had lost all hope that she will be saved.

Though she did not know that while she had been imprisoned Sab had killed all the Khelum gang members and was now outside her cell shocked at her condition

"What have they done to you love?" Sab said with a shock.

He broke the cell wall and took her hand

"My last wish… I need an answer to a question."

Tears dropped from Sab's eyes "As you wish."

"Why did you kill Issac?'

Shocked at the question he shook his head "You saw me?"


So, Sab started the story from the beginning telling her how he fell in love and how he could not control the jealously he felt when he saw Ava and Issac.

He never knew that Ava Whitewell had passed away before listening to the whole story...

Hope you guys like it!!!

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