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the last nation


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The world around us is ruled by power and hierarchy only the strongest will survive in this game of war. The capital of Vragan was experimenting on humans for power they only chose the strongest from each of the seven nations that could have potential for project 9 wich was to give humankind eternal powers. The capital wanted to control there powers to create weapons of mass destruction. the capital held secrets and lies as the humankind was dying from Project 9,half of humanity was wipped out only a few nations remaind and the numbers of humanity was decreasing each day. There is no turning back even while you sleep we turn our backs to who we are knowing in one moment we could never be the same. Nothing will ever last forever. Will we ever have freedom. are we all the same. Everybody wants to rule the world. chance was the capital greatest weapon the only one that was the strongest out of project 9, he rebelled against the capital as he is know on the run from Vragon. Ava is the daughter of akion who is the capital leader she was apart of project 9 when she was a child but know she is 16 years old only wanting to escape her father and fight for her freedom but she knows that being strong is one thing but surviving is another. nick is trapped in the capital he is not strong enough to make it another day in this hell whole he can never escape as rumors spread of a rebellion that will change the tides of the war he will fight to find the leader of the rebellion and has a goal to kill akion for letting his sister die right in front of him. tori been alone on her life hiding from the capital she has no family and she is loyal to the capital, she can taste the end that is upon her but she has blood on her hands that drives her to be an assisn for the capital but will she know the truth that the light will fade out and the sinners will call or she will fight to know the truth of what the capitals motives are all along. only the last nation will survive as everybody wants power and wants freedom the world comes tumbling down will there be hope or death. as you build a house of cards but it's going to fall, secrets will be buried deep inside, no one can hide from these secrets and lies, we wish on our lives to survive because its all we have but will it all be worth it at the end, will the war ever be over or is this just the beginning.


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